Fair Use Policy 

Using Our Images Under Fair Use Principles

If you are going to use a Mouse Hacking image or other content under Fair Use exceptions to copyright law, we ask that you link back to the source of the image. Keep in mind that this is not merely a request, but a basic standard of Fair Use—any use of our images that does not include such a link is likely no Fair Use.

Finally, we do remind readers and other bloggers that conversely, citing back to an original source does not mean your usage falls within Fair Use. Fair Use does not apply when you are simply repurposing our image for your own purpose. If you would like to learn more about Fair Use, please read the next section pertaining to our use of outside content under Fair Use principles.

Our Use of Outside Content Under Fair Use Principles

While the overwhelming amount of our content is original, it sometimes becomes necessary to use outside content under the principles of Fair Use. Fair Use is an exception to copyright law that allows a copyrighted work to be used absent permission of the original author.

As a general rule, we do not use images from other blogs or “independent” websites. We also do not copy content, except when providing commentary on cited quotes. In general, our use of copyrighted material is limited to things like descriptions, concept art, or photographs from “official” sources that cannot be independently replicated.

To that end, we apply roughly the standards of Wikipedia, as outlined in their Exemption Doctrine Policy.

If you believe an image (or other content) of yours is being used outside the parameters of the Fair Use doctrine, please email us at mousehacking@mousehacking.com. We are happy to remove non-compliant content.