What is mouse hacking about?

Mouse Hacking targets the area of overlap between travel "hacking" and Disney vacations. There are plenty of great blogs that focus on travel hacking, and there are plenty that focus on Disney, but there are few, if any, that cover both.

What is travel "hacking"?

When we refer to travel "hacking," we're usually referring to one of three things. First, using discounts and deals to save on flights, hotels, or experiences; second, tips and tricks that save you on time, money, or hassle in travel; and third, using points and miles to save on flights, hotels, or experiences.

So How is this Different from a discount site?

While discounts are part of what we cover, they are a relatively small part. Most of our focus is on using points and miles to bring down the cost of your Disney vacation. We also discuss a variety of hacks that save you time, money, or hassle on your trips.

if I've got plent of money, do I really need to care about this?

Mouse Hacking is not just for those trying to do Disney on a budget. Some of our best hacks are for high spenders, like the time we saved $2000 on a hotel booking that would have cost of $5000 at Animal Kingdom Lodge.