We're Ken and Em, two Disney, travel, and points enthusiasts who want to help fill a gap in the Disney and travel blogospheres—the overlap of Disney and points.

The aim of Mouse Hacking is to get you from “I can’t afford a trip to Disney World!” to Disney World itself using tips and tricks to lower the cash cost of your trip. This is about more than finding the right discounts and booking at the right time—it is about improving your life along the way and proving that by following some simple strategies you can get the dream trip you deserve.

Mouse Hacking isn’t just about doing Disney on the cheap—though we definitely want to provide help for doing that—it is about maximizing the value of the trip within your budget. For example, our first featured post is about saving $2,025.09 on a $5,513.67 hotel stay. Not everyone is going to be able to afford even the net $3,488.58 hotel stay, but those who can are getting much more value using the tricks in that post, and even those who aren’t could use the same principles to maximize the value of their trips!