Discount Disneyland Tickets Buying Guide 2019

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There aren’t a ton of places to find legitimate discount Disneyland tickets, but there are a few great options you need to consider when shopping around for discounted tickets in 2019. In this post, we review different ways to find discount Disneyland tickets!

Disneyland Ticket Options Explained

Before we get to the places to find the cheapest, deepest discounts on Disneyland tickets, we need to cover some boring basics about the tickets.

Disneyland Tickets Dates

One-day Disneyland tickets are dated, meaning you need to use them on the date you purchase them for. Multi-day tickets generally are not dated and the current Disneyland website language is: “Multi-day tickets must be used within 13 days of first use or by January 13, 2020, whichever occurs first.”

There is a really big exception to this rule though! Discounted or sale tickets, included those bought from Disney, are often dated. So if you’re interested in buying the Disneyland tickets with the best prices, you need to be aware of any date restrictions.

Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets

When buying Disneyland tickets, you need to know there are two types—park hopper and one-park-per-day tickets. Disneyland park hopper tickets allow you to move between both Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park on the same day.

One-park-per-day Disneyland tickets allow you to go to only one park each day of the ticket. You can go to one park every day or split the days between the two theme parks, that’s up to you.

Generally, we don’t think park hopper tickets are necessary for stays of longer than two days. If you want to see both parks in a single day, you’ll need park hopper. For two days, it’s reasonable to think you’ll want one and a half days at Disneyland park. Anything longer and park hopping is more a convenience than a necessity.

That said, park hopping is a pretty big convenience. We pretty much have always gotten park hopper in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World (now we’re passholders at both, so it’s moot). We’ve always found the flexibility to be worth it, particularly if you’re only visiting once a year (or a lifetime!).

Straight to the Gate

One thing to check when shopping for tickets is whether they are “straight to the gate” tickets. Most Disneyland tickets you buy in advance will allow you to go straight to the gate (the park turnstiles) instead of stopping at a ticket booth to pick up your tickets. If you do have to stop at a ticket booth, they conveniently are located just outside the parks. Try and arrive an extra 15 minutes early so you can still head in right when the parks open.

Magic Morning at Disneyland

Guests using tickets of three days or longer have access to Magic Morning at Disneyland park during one day of their ticket. Currently, Magic Mornings are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Magic Morning is different from Extra Magic Hours, which allows Disney hotel guests early access to a park every day.

You do not need to stay at a Disney hotel to use Magic Morning, but it is only good for one use during the length of your ticket. Now, onto where to get your discounted Disneyland tickets in 2019!

Disney MaxPass

Disney MaxPass is an add-on to the FASTPASS system that (among other things) allows you to use the Disneyland app to make FASTPASS selections. Some Disneyland resort tickets come with MaxPass. If your ticket doesn’t come with it, you can purchase it inside the park for $15 per person per day. You can read more about MaxPass and FASTPASS at Disneyland here.

Discounted Tickets

Let’s close our section on ticket types and features by clarifying a major point. Discounted tickets are just as good as tickets bought directly from Disney, except that some are limited in dates! That’s it. You don’t lose any privileges because you bought your tickets from a discount broker.

Our Choice For Discount Disneyland tickets

Disney has continued to increase prices year after year. This makes it more important than ever that guests purchase discounted tickets to stay under budget!

Get Away Today

Discount: Varies - Difficulty: None - Risk: None

Get Away Today is one of the very few legitimate sites selling discount Disneyland tickets. We’re actually seeing pretty deep discounts as of this update including…

Moreover, Get Away Today specializes in California vacation packages. This opens the door to potentially hundreds of dollars in savings. Remember to always be sure you're getting the cheapest hotels. Even the best package deals can sometimes be beaten with a little bit of searching.

$50 Per Day Disneyland Tickets

Lots of people want to know about “$50 Disneyland tickets.” These are tickets that typically cover 4+ days for a cost of about $50 per day. Unfortunately, following the 2019 price hike, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see $50 Disneyland tickets again, but we’ll keep our eyes open.

Always Compare Prices At...

Undercover Tourist

Discount: Varies - Difficulty: None - Risk: None

Undercover Tourist starting selling Disneyland Tickets in May 2018, and it’s always worth comparing their prices to those over at Get Away Today. While we've never purchased Disneyland tickets from them, we're purchased Disney World tickets from them numerous times.

If you're at all concerned about buying tickets from a third-party seller, we've got you covered with a post dedicated entirely to why we recommend Undercover Tourist for Disney discounts.

The Standard Discounts

The next set of discounts are standard offers that are either easy to get for everyone or easy to get once you've worked your way into an exclusive group for the discount.

Offers from Disney

Discount: Varies - Difficulty: None - Risk: None

Disneyland occasionally offers discounts directly. Usually, these are matched or beaten by the ticket brokers we discussed above, which means these will rarely be a great option. One example of a good deal though are the annual passholders ticket deals for friends that beat the deals available to the general public.

Southern California Resident Discount

Discount: 15% to 20% - Difficulty: High - Risk: None

These offers come and go, but Disneyland regularly has discounted tickets available to Southern California residents. There’s no offer available as of December 2018. California residents who are serious about Disney should probably consider an annual pass (for which they also receive a discount).

Disney Vacation Club Discount

Discount: About 10% - Difficulty: High - Risk: None

Disney Vacation Club members occasionally get ticket discount offers. For most DVC members, it will make sense just to have an annual pass, so it's rare that these ticket offers are going to be worth much. They also aren't very high when they do happen. If you're a DVC member, look into an annual pass, and pay attention to deals as they pop up. But definitely don't wait for them or plan too heavily around them.

Military Discount

Discount: Around 50% - Difficulty: Heroic - Risk: Heroic

The discount looks a bit limited from the military discount Disneyland ticket page (only service members and spouses), but for 50% off your two adult tickets, paying full price for kids isn't so bad (and maybe those are discounted too and the site just isn't clear). The best source for information on these discounts, including prices and how to buy, is Military Disney Tips.

AAA Discount

Discount: Very Low - Difficulty: Medium - Risk: None

At one point, AAA discounts were a decent way to save on Disneyland tickets. No more. First of all, the discounts come from individual branches, so you'll have to call local AAA offices to get quotes. Second, their discounts tend to be pretty small, often beaten by the prices you'll find on ticket broker sites. Worth a phone call, if you're already a member, but no worth effort beyond that.

Sam’s Club

Discount: Low - Difficulty: Low - Risk: None

Sam’s Club is now offering Disneyland tickets. As we’re not members, we can’t speak to the process or how good these discounts will be, but they’ll likely be around what the online brokers are offering, with the added task of making your way to the store.

Deal Hunting

Not so much “discounts,” these are out-of-the-box ways to carefully consider before trying.

Using Discount Disney Gift Cards

Discount: Varies (about 8%) - Difficulty: Medium - Risk: None

This will rarely be the best discount you can get, but we want to mention it for the sake of completeness. You can typically get discount Disney gift cards, saving about 8 to 10% on Disney purchases, including park tickets.

The Annual Pass

Discount: Varies - Difficulty: Medium - Risk: None


You came looking for discounts, and we're telling you to maybe just buy a yearlong ticket? Look, this one is just going to come down to how the math works out for you. Disneyland annual passes are too complex to break down thoroughly in this post, but here's some quick notes.

A Disney Deluxe Passport, which has some blackout days, for an adult costs $799. That's pretty much right in between the cost of two and three Disneyland vacations. So if you're a once or twice-a-year person, don't consider it.


Discount: 10-30% - Difficulty: Medium - Risk: EXTREME!!

We don't advocate buying tickets on eBay. The reason is pretty simple - prices for many, if not all, things on eBay are determined in part by the risk associated with buying over eBay. Can you find legitimate tickets on eBay? Of course! Will the legitimate tickets have big discounts? No!

There are going to be a few people who put up an eBay account just to sell tickets they lucked into, but you can't distinguish those from scammers. If someone has 1000+ positive reviews for selling park tickets, they aren't going to have to offer much of a discount. In short, finding a true, legitimate discount on a ticket via eBay is incredibly difficult, and never worth the risk of getting to the park and being denied entry!

Where do you buy your discount Disneyland tickets? Did we miss anything??

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