Disney News

My favorite Disney World news site, probably because of the high quality photography.

If there's a better site for Disney deals, I haven't seen it. Mousesavers is up-to-date on the best discounts as well as being a really deep site. If you can't find it on Mouse Hacking and don't know where to check, start at Mousesavers.

Theme Park Tourist covers more than just Disney parks, but it is a great resource for the latest news. It is a little list-heavy, which can be annoying if you don't want to see the same information twice, but great if you're a week or two behind. Pro tip: on "X Updates from Disney World and beyond" lists, the last page will always be the "and beyond" content.

Travel, Points, and Miles

Million Mile Secrets is probably the points/miles blog most targeted at "ordinary" people. They have tons of content that puts travel hacking into simple terms, as well as featuring lots of real-world stories from their readers and other bloggers.

Gary Leff is part travel blogger and part industry analyst. You'll find a lot of good analysis here that you won't find on your typical travel blog.

Probably the most well-known points blog, the TPG team has a number of great writers and is always up to date on the best deals. The site also has a number of tools and explainers that beginners will find useful.

Run by Ben Schlappig (aka "Lucky"), One Mile at a Time is a good place to find travel news with a little more personal feel than TPG.

I'm a big fan of GSTP because it is really good at making you feel like you don't need decades of travel experience and millions of banked points to travel in style.