A Non-Definitive Ranking of Hollywood Studios' 11 Star Wars Attractions

I don't think I can name 11 non-Star Wars attractions at Hollywood Studios. I love Hollywood Studios, and I love Star Wars, but I really have little love for Star Wars at Hollywood Studios. By my count, there are NINE current Star Wars attractions at Hollywood Studios and two upcoming attractions. Here is a non-definitive ranking of those attractions.

1. Star Tours - The Adventures Continue

This is probably not controversial. The original Star Wars in Disney attraction, Star Tours is as great as ever, one of the best rides at Disney World, and continues to entertain with its mix of old and new storylines.

Even the queue is awesome!

Even the queue is awesome!

2. Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Yea, its just for the kids, but it is probably one of the better storylines of the Star Wars activities at Hollywood Studios. Compare to "A Galaxy Far, Far Away" which seems basically to be a fashion show to me.

3. Star Wars Launch Bay (Exhibits)

Real props! Not a huge collection, but they also have changed them as the movies have come out, so the exhibits have not gotten stale. Also, Jawas!

4. Star Wars Launch Bay (Characters)

You get to meet Star Wars characters! Not much else to say!

5. Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

I love the projections team at WDW, but this is where to list starts to take a turn downhill. At some point, the forced Star Wars just doesn't feel organic, and this is getting there.

6. Star Wars Launch Bay (Theater)

It's nice to hear from the people behind Star Wars, but for obvious reasons they don't say anything too interesting, so its really just a sentimental short film.

7. March of the First Order

Okay now we're way down there. This attraction has at least improved from when they just walked out, around the stage, and back in, but it is still just characters on a march. Sort of like a parade, but not.

8. Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

What IS THIS? Best I can tell, it is an intergalactic fashion show. Come on stage, spin a couple times, and walk off stage. 

9. Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

Probably better quality than March and Far, Far Away, but only because it is just a collection of Star Wars clips. Everyone who sees this is disappointed, waiting for something, anything to start.

? Star Wars Galactic Nights

Disney's page for this $129 ticketed event here. It was probably hard not to come up with the idea to charge people an extra $129 for access to the NINE STAR WARS THINGS ALREADY IN THE PARK. I'm suspicious of this event, and interested to see if it outperforms my expectations. The live shows, Rebel Base, and Scavenger hunt seem like they could be cool. additions to the already hefty Star Wars lineup.

? Star Wars Guided Tour

$121.12 for a SEVEN hour tour. That's longer than the amazing Keys to the Kingdom tour. Of the 10 things listed on the tour page, 7 are just ordinary Star Wars attractions, 1 is something you could purchase separately, 1 is a unique dinner, and 1 is a souvenir. Separate admission is required. The cynic in me would call this the "exhausted parent" event. Pay $121.12 to do the things you were going to do anyways, but at a more even pace and with no lines.

And Beyond (Oops, wrong movie)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who hopes that Star Wars land means both more and less Star Wars at Hollywood Studios. Hopefully the introduction of this separate land will allow for a more broadly organic integration of Star Wars into the park. Or we'll all just be used to it by then...