December 30, 2016 Weekly Roundup

Here's your roundup of the biggest stories in Disney and points.


Holidays start slow at WDW. NYE will probably be the better test of whether there's been an actual shift in attendance, and happily, I'll be there!

Magic Kingdom Welcome Show Changing in New Year. Positive change that should allow for better crowd flows to start the day.

NYE Entertainment. Omg omg omg, I'm so excited we'll be at Epcot.

Free upgrade and late checkout at a Disney resort. Sometimes the best hack is being pleasant.


A Spirit flight (and, er, bus) gone wrong. I love low-cost airlines, but this almost makes me want to rethink that.

Overbooking explained. Watch for a post in the future about making overbooking work for you.

Some different airline reviews. This won't matter for most Disney trips, but it's worth remembering how great some airlines you've never heard of can be.

Lock in Award Wallet rates while they're low. Award Wallet is an awesome service and they're justifiably raising their prices, so lock in the lower rates while you can!