My Favorite Character Stops of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2017

Update: To read about a more recent marathon weekend, check out our series of posts on the 2019 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.

Marathon weekend was filled with tons of awesome character stops. Here were my favorites, counting down...

5. Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope


I rewatched this movie recently, and loved it (again).

4. Canadian/Lumberjack Donald

3. Jack Skellington and Sally

I skipped this stop last year and immediately regretted it. One of my favorite Disney movies, I was really excited to see it back this year. As we left, Jack said "I hope you two don't freeze to death." Hehe.

2. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

I'm a bit of a history/origins nerd, so anytime you can go back to how something began, I'm a fan. While it all started with a Mouse, Oswald was Walt Disney's first hit character.

and the winner is...

1. Revolutionary Mickey, Goofy, and Donald

This character stop on the 10K was just unreal. It's three heavy hitters dressed in awesome speciality gear. After this stop, I just couldn't imagine anything better, and my weekend was made.