We're doing Disney around the world!!

It's been over a month since we posted - almost two months since our last "fresh" content, and we're sorry for that! But we had good reason. You see, we just started a year of 'round the world travel, and it will include plenty of Disney.

Planning Long-Term Travel is Tough Work

Neither our passion for Disney nor our passion for travel hacking has disappeared. We didn't take a break from posting because we didn't care about those things. Actually, the break was a product of us caring quite a lot about those things. It turns out that taking a year to travel requires some planning and can require a ton of planning, especially when you have all of the international Disney destinations to hit.

(But sometimes you get to plan while in a cafe in Medellin, so it's aight)

(But sometimes you get to plan while in a cafe in Medellin, so it's aight)

We're Going to [Insert Name of International Disney Park]...

We started our year of travel in Walt Disney World, but it won't be our only Disney destination. We'll also have: Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, and Shanghai Disney. We'll be hitting all four Disney international Disney parks in the next year! We'll aim to fit in Disneyland and Aulani too, but right now our hopes aren't high for those.

...And We're Going to Teach You How to Get There Too!

One of the perks of planning to travel for a year is you learn - a LOT. When we started Mouse Hacking, we were pretty average international travelers. Planning a year of travel and actually executing it will surely teach us so much that we're excited to share with you.

Points and tips, tips and points

Points and tips, tips and points

From how we found our flights, to where we stayed, to which credit cards got us there, we're going to have tons of information to help get you to international Disney destinations, too.

But We Aren't Forgetting Home

We started our year of travel at Walt Disney World, and while it was a great choice, it also stung a little (a lot) to leave. Even when you're not heading home to work, it turns out that leaving DAK (...and Trader Sam's, and the Monorail...) is really hard. We still love the US Disney parks, and we're not about to stop helping you get there. So don't think this is a purely international affair from hereon - there will be plenty of content for those of you aiming for Walt Disney World, Disney cruises, and Disneyland.

So check back for more on the first planning steps, coming soon!!

What questions do you have about international Disney travel?