We Loved Starring Rolls But Were Probably Part of the Problem

When I saw that Starring Rolls would be suddenly closing, I immediately thought three things. First, I was sad to see it go. Second, I recalled that I hadn't been there my past few trips. Third, I remembered the recent closing of my favorite Hollywood Studios spot, Writer's Shop.

Starring Rolls, despite being located at a prominent intersection in Hollywood Studios, was physically a little hidden by its own patio. It almost looked like it could be some sort of cafe for its neighbor, The Hollywood Brown Derby. This earned it something of a reputation as a hidden gem around Hollywood Studios. Back in the day, though, it was the best place to grab a quick breakfast snack and coffee after you'd gotten your rope drop rides out of the way. And for that, I certainly loved it. Hollywood Studios was once my favorite park, and Starring Rolls once my favorite snack spot in that park.

The future has come for the things we love.

The future has come for the things we love.

That all changed in early 2015, when Trolley Car Cafe - the Hollywood Studios Starbucks location - opened up right across from Starring Rolls. As an unapologetic Starbucks lover, I haven't actually set foot in Starring Rolls since then. And for that, I'm a little sorry. I'm sorry because I lost a spot due to the tides of time as well. I loved Writer's Shop, and progress came all too quickly for that spot. I'm glad Starring Rolls lasted a little longer, but also sad for those who won't get to stop by one last time, given the sudden closure.

The changes are Hollywood Studios are coming for more and more of our memories. It's crazy how different that park will be in five years. I hope that we'll remember not just the major attractions that were lost in this transition, but the smaller spots, the ones that made us feel like we had a special connection to the park.