Why You Should Start Planning Your Trip to Disneyland Paris Today!

For many Americans, the international Disney parks are tough to pin down. To start, they're appealing because they're just more Disney, and who doesn't love seeing a new Disney park? We talk about new lands of parks for years before they open! On the other hand, some aspects of them are just copies of American Disney parks, so not everything is new. Finally, they're so far! International travel is a scary concept for many people. It can seem expensive and overwhelming. To us, the idea of new, of more Disney is too much to pass up. That's why we think now is the time to start planning your trip to Disneyland Paris.

Your Flight Choices to Paris Have Never Been Better

There's no international city I see more in flight alerts than Paris. It seems every week, the airlines are engaged in a fare battle for Paris routes. For starters, just look at some of the recent fare deals that have been offered:

Source: Google.com

Source: Google.com

Paris for under $400, including nonstop, is becoming a routine offering. And these are just the rates on major carriers. Depending on your origin airport, you might find better deals on WOW, Norwegian, or IcelandAir.

The Euro is Still Struggling

Source: Google.com

Source: Google.com

You can't predict which was a currency is going to go, but by recent historical standards, the Euro is still struggling. This means your US Dollar will go further than it used to when it comes to spending in Paris.

Disneyland Paris is Celebrating its 25th Anniversary

Anytime you can get to a park for a special event, you're in for a unique experience. Beginning March 26, 2017, Disneyland Paris's 25th Anniversary festivities will take over the park.

We're hoping to visit Disneyland Paris in 2017 or early 2018, and we hope we get to see you there!

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