Disneyland Paris Rides and Attractions Guide

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If you're planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, you'll need to put together a rides and attractions strategy. In support of that, we're here with our guide to the Disneyland Paris rides and attractions guide.

Disneyland Park, the castle park at Disneyland Paris, is a place of great fun and great detail. If you're looking for tips on putting together an itinerary for these rides, check out our one-day Disneyland Paris itinerary. You can also check out our review of the Disneyland Paris app for more information about getting ride information from the app itself.

Disneyland Paris Rides and Attractions - Introduction

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This post was prepared in November 2017, following our trip to Disneyland Paris during the 25th Anniversary and Halloween celebrations and updated following a trip in September 2018.

Get excited for these attractions!

Get excited for these attractions!

We try to provide the French and/or English names depending on which is in more common use. We also provide the following key in brackets following the attraction name:

  • FP - This attraction uses Fastpass

  • SR - This attraction has a Single Rider line

  • U - This attraction is unique to Disneyland Paris

  • UI - This attraction is a unique interpretation of another Disney ride

  • O - This attraction is only found overseas (i.e. outside the United States)

Finally, this post uses "Disneyland Paris" to refer to Disneyland Park (except where necessary to avoid confusion), the castle park at Disneyland Paris. We also have a post discussing the attractions at the other Disneyland Paris park, Walt Disney Studios Park.

Disneyland Paris Rides and Attractions - Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A. primarily consists of shops and food stops, but the Disneyland Paris version also contains two covered walkways ("arcades") behind the shops that make this a unique space. As always, it is worth reading the names and slogans on the buildings. Main Street U.S.A. really sets up Disneyland Paris as a place of great detail.

disneyland paris rides main st.jpg

Disneyland Railroad [UI]

The Disneyland Railroad is an enjoyable, albeit slow, attraction that takes you around Disneyland Park. There aren't any especially exciting views, but there are some nice moments. This is not a must-do attraction. If you want to do it, check your Disneyland Paris app for the shortest wait time or visit early in the day. Don't get on at Main Street U.S.A., but also don't miss the best section of it, between Main Street U.S.A. and Frontierland.

Statue of Liberty Tableau [U]

The tableau is okay on its own, and you should definitely visit it since it takes no time, but it's really a must-do as part of the Liberty Arcade.

Liberty Arcade and Discovery Arcade [U]

These aren't listed by Disney as attractions, but these two arcades are must-do regardless. Liberty Arcade is an indoor path from Town Square to Central Plaza along the backside of the Main Street U.S.A. stores on the Frontierland side. It presents the story of the Statue of Liberty and provides access to the shops along Main Street U.S.A. It is great as something to do, and essential as a way to bypass the crowds.

disneyland paris rides discovery arcade.JPG

Discovery Arcade is the same idea on the Discoveryland side of Main Street, and it includes exhibits on technological progress in the 19th century.

Disneyland Paris Rides and Attractions - Frontierland

Frontierland is unique among Disney lands in that it actually is intended to present a cohesive narrative about the fictional city of Thunder Mesa. Besides that, it is a large space with great views both big and small.

Phantom Manor [UI]

Phantom Manor is the Disneyland Paris interpretation of Haunted Mansion. It is spookier than the Magic Kingdom version, and it gives much more attention to the narrative of the bride, whose role is not super clear in the Magic Kingdom version. 

The mansion itself is very cool and a more imposing part of the scenery than in Magic Kingdom. We're split on which is better. But this is definitely a must-do. It isn't one of the rides at Disneyland Paris with Fastpass, so plan to visit it early in the day.

Phantom Manor is creepier than its Magic Kingdom counterpart from the moment you lay eyes on it.

Phantom Manor is creepier than its Magic Kingdom counterpart from the moment you lay eyes on it.

Big Thunder Mountain [FP]

Big Thunder Mountain is an awesome, exciting coaster. It's definitely the most comfortable coaster at all of Disneyland Paris and probably the best overall. This is definitely a must-do. Fastpass is available, but it is the most popular ride at Disneyland Paris, so Fastpass tickets run out quickly. You'll want to prioritize this ride, but if you get there before 11AM and the line is longer than an hour, don't wait in it until you've done a few other rides.

disneyland paris rides big thunder.jpg

Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing [UI]

The Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing is the boarding point for the Molly Brown, a riverboat that will take you on a 20-minute journey around Frontierland. This isn't a must-do, but it is a nice way to spend a half-hour if you're looking for scenery.

disneyland paris rides riverboat.JPG

Disneyland Paris Rides and Attractions - Adventureland

Adventureland was our favorite land in Disneyland Paris. It is beautiful, complex, and imposes on you from all sides both far (as La Cabane des Robinson, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Arabian gateway are nearly always visible) and near (as when you're lost in the caverns on Adventure Isle). The top attraction in Adventureland is simply being in Adventureland.

disneyland paris rides adventureland.JPG

Adventure Isle [U]

Adventure Isle is the heart of Adventureland and home to La Cabane des Robinson. It is a great spot to get lost (literally).

This map won't save you from getting lost on Adventure Isle.

This map won't save you from getting lost on Adventure Isle.

The caverns seem so innocent until you're lost among the, searching for Davy Jones' Locker. You'll pass through Adventureland a number of times while at Disneyland Paris, so be sure to step into the caverns once in a while.

La Cabane des Robinson (AKA Swiss Family Treehouse)

La Cabane Des Robinson is a near-copy of the Swiss Family Treehouse. It has some great views. This is a must-do, especially on clear days and nights. No Fastpass is available, but waits are rare.

disneyland paris rides robinson treehouse.jpg

Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin [U]

This is a very short walkthrough attraction with figurine scenes from Aladdin. Not a must-do, but it's a very short attraction worth the 5 minutes it will take you.

It's always nice to stroll past some classic Disney scenes.

It's always nice to stroll past some classic Disney scenes.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril [U, FP]

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is an exciting, but uncomfortable, coaster. We were surprised this wasn't busier. It's a borderline must-do, but you shouldn't wait more than 10 minutes for it. It's a coaster that's definitely inferior to Big Thunder Mountain and Hyperspace Mountain. This ride has Fastpass and often has short waits. It's definitely a good use of a Fastpass if you find yourself with time for an extra one.


Pirates of the Caribbean [UI]

We both think that Pirates of the Caribbean is spookier and better than the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland versions. The queue is also quite well-designed, and at or after sunset you may lose track of whether you're inside or outside. This is a must-do attraction that doesn't have Fastpass. You'll likely need to wait a bit for either this or Phantom Manor, and we'd pick this one to wait for.

Pirates of the Caribbean was one of our favorite Disneyland Paris rides.

Pirates of the Caribbean was one of our favorite Disneyland Paris rides.

Disneyland Paris Rides and Attractions - Fantasyland

Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris offers a huge amount to do. Much of it is similar to other parks, but much of it is unique. Unlike Adventureland and Frontierland, we think the draw of Fantasyland is pretty much limited to its attractions, the space itself is not all that great.

Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty Castle) [UI]

Often heralded as the best of the Disney castles, Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris truly is a gem to behold and to experience. Take some time to walk around the inside and outside of the castle. Take in the views of the castle from different angles, and while in the castle be sure to enjoy the different views of the park. Pay special attention to the next two attractions, located in the castle.


So much do we enjoy the castle that it makes our list as one of the best Disney “rides” in the world.

La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty Gallery) [U]

Sleeping Beauty Gallery is a walk-through attraction around the inside of Sleeping Beauty Castle telling the story of Sleeping Beauty with stained glass windows, artifacts, and other displays. This sounds boring, but it is actually quite beautiful, easy to walk through, and a great use of the space. 

The Sleeping Beauty gallery is filled with beautiful gems (literal and figurative).

The Sleeping Beauty gallery is filled with beautiful gems (literal and figurative).

La Tanière du Dragon (The Dragon's Lair) [U]

The Dragon's Lair is one of the finest parts of Disneyland Paris. A small, simple attraction, it literally is a small lair with a dragon underneath the castle. The dragon is a fine piece of animatronics, and the lair is overall a spooky place, enough to get small children nervous. If you're walking in during daylight, you'll be blinded for a few seconds while your eyes adjust, adding to the effect.

disneyland paris rides dragon.jpg

Peter Pan's Flight [FP]

Peter Pan's Flight doesn't need much description. It's a dark storybook ride where you fly through the story of Peter Pan. We're listing it separately from the other dark rides to note that it has Fastpass and tends to have one of the longer waits in the park. If you stay at a Disney hotel (we have a review of Disney's Sequoia Lodge), this is often an Extra Magic Hours ride.

Peter Pan's 45-minute wait is one of the longer waits we encountered in Disneyland Paris.

Peter Pan's 45-minute wait is one of the longer waits we encountered in Disneyland Paris.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth [O]

Alice's Curious Labyrinth is one of the more creative attractions in Disneyland Paris (it is duplicated at Shanghai Disneyland). It is a medium-difficulty hedge maze filled with figures from Alice in Wonderland, culminating in a trip up the Queen of Heart's Castle, which provides some of the better views of Disneyland Paris. You can get lost in the maze, but you'll usually be able to follow the crowds to your destination. This is a must-do for the views and as a cool attraction not found in the United States.

disneyland paris rides curious labyrinth.jpg

Le Pays des Contes de Fées (The Land of fairy Tales)

A gem of Disneyland Paris, familiar to Disneyland regulars, the boat ride around the miniatures is in Storybook Land at the back of Fantasyland, and it features some great miniatures of Disney stories. We consider it a must-do when it has the minimum 5-minute wait, but we understand if you skip it.

disneyland paris rides boats.JPG

Fantasyland Attractions that Don't Need Much Description

  • "it's a small world" [UI] - Notable for including depictions of the United States and Canada, the classic boat ride is a must-do in Disneyland Paris for those alone.

  • Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs dark storybook ride. Similar to other versions, you ride through scenes of Snow White. A "must-do" in the sense that it's a classic and you'll likely have time for its moderate waits.

  • Les Voyages de Pinocchio [O] - Pinocchio dark storybook ride. A "must-do" in the sense that it's a classic and you'll likely have time for its moderate waits.

  • Le Carrousel de Lancelot - A carrousel. Not a must-do.

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant - As with other versions, you sit in a Dumbo car that moves up and down. Not a must-do, though those with kids likely will want to make time for it.

  • Mad Hatter's Tea Cups - The nauseating classic where you spin around in tea cups. Only a must-do for nostalgia or if you need to lose your awful Disneyland Paris lunch.

Disneyland Paris Rides and Attractions - Discoveryland

Discoveryland is a polarizing Disneyland Paris land. It is a European / Jules Verne take on Tomorrowland, which leaves it with some cool pieces, but we find the depth to be a little lacking, especially as the theming doesn't even extend to all of the facades.

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast [FP]

A dark ride / laser shooting ride, inspired by Toy Story 2, where you face off against your ride-mate, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is quite similar to the Disneyland version of the ride, which is a little different than the Magic Kingdom version.

Borderline must-do, we enjoyed it most because we're so familiar with the Magic Kingdom version that having something different for once was fun. If you're into shooting challenges, the ride will be fun, but if you're not you may be disappointed.

But even if you skip the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride, take this picture!

But even if you skip the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride, take this picture!


This is the standard rocket spinner ride found at all Disney parks (aka Astro Orbiter). Not a must-do. Best to ride during Extra Magic Hours or very early, as the waits tend to be longer later in the day.

disneyland paris rides orbitron.JPG

Star Tours: l'Aventure Continue (Star Tours: The Adventures Continue) [FP]

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is the modern take on the classic motion simulation ride that takes you on an adventure in the Star Wars universe. This is a must-do, although the ride, including most of its queue, is identical to other versions of the ride. 

Les Mystères du Nautilus (The Mysteries of Nautilus) [U]

The Mysteries of Nautilus is a walkthrough attraction of the fictional Nautilus submarine from Jules Verne's novels. Since it doesn't really get crowded, it's definitely worth a visit. Coming from outside, it will take a minute for your eyes to adjust. It's a must-do as a unique attraction that only takes five minutes, but you'll appreciate it more if you take a little more time to go through it.

disneyland paris rides nautilus.jpg

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain [UI, FP, SR]

Prior to the start of the 25th Anniversary Celebration, this ride was Space Mountain: Mission 2.

The Star Wars overlay is okay, but it doesn't make or break Hyperspace Mountain.

The Star Wars overlay is okay, but it doesn't make or break Hyperspace Mountain.

In its current version, the track is the same, but with a Star Wars overlay. While the concept is most similar to Space Mountain (a space-themed indoor roller coaster), we found the experience, especially in the Star Wars version, to be more like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. The ride has inversions and is generally an exciting, but horribly uncomfortable, roller coaster. This is a must-do.


Drive cars around a small track. Not a must-do. If you really want to do it, be prepared to wait. Within 30 minutes of park open, Autopia can have 30+ minute waits. Since it doesn't have FastPass, the only way to get on this one is to suffer through the line.

disneyland paris rides autopia.JPG