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Your guide to travel hacking Disney destinations

We created this "Start Here" page to provide some guidance and clarity to our readers. We're hoping to reach people who want to know how they can save on their Disney vacations (or how they can get more bang for their buck). Many of you are probably long-time Disney travelers who never thought "travel hacking" could help you save on a Disney vacation. Or you're planning your first trip, maybe the only trip you'll take for the next few years, and you'd like to know how to save on the most magical experience there is.

If you're in one of these groups, you're probably a bit put off by the idea of "travel hacking". You're worried about your credit score, or you think getting these cards is only worth it if you travel a lot. Maybe you see these amazing cards and think "there's no way I can pay that annual fee every year!" If you've had any of these thoughts, then you're on the right page. The below posts have one goal: to make you more comfortable with the idea of using points and miles to fund your Disney experiences.