Using Citi Prestige 4th Night Free For Disney Hotels

While the Citi Prestige is a good card all-around, it is one perk that really makes it stand out: 4th Night Free. One of our first posts on this blog was about getting $2000 of value out of our Citi Prestige the first day we had it, in part from using 4th Night Free. Let’s talk more about this perk and what value it has at Disney World.

Use Citi Prestige 4th Night Free for Free Nights at Disney!

Use Citi Prestige 4th Night Free for Free Nights at Disney!

Recent Changes to Fourth Night Free

Rather than bury the lede, I thought it best to come out with it. While using 4th Night Free for Disney stays is the hack that birthed Mouse Hacking, it’s unfortunately mostly dead these days. There are two reasons for this.

First, long before September 1, 2019, Disney hotel space in the portal has been poor. It has been both very limited and filled with undesirable—sometimes laughable—rates (we cover this more below with an example).

Second as of September 1, 2019, you now have to use the portal (or their associated phone number) to book 4th Night Free stays. This means you have to use the limited and undesirable rates to use the perk.

While 4th Night Free might still work for some stays, we’ve checked a lot of different options and have yet to find one that comes up markedly on top.

The Citi Prestige

We have a full review of the Citi Prestige, but here's the short version. The Citi Prestige is a premium credit card with a $495 annual fee, a $250 annual travel credit, and a host of other perks, including "4th Night Free."

Using Citi Prestige 4th Night Free

Beginning 2019, 4th Night Free is limited to two uses each year—so use them wisely! Beginning September 1, 2019, you can only book 4th Night Free via the portal or their associated phone number, 1-800-THANKYOU.

Booking 4th Night Free Online

Booking 4th Night Free Bookings on is easy. First, login to the Citi ThankYou portal at

citi thank you log on.JPG

Use the site like you would or, searching for your intended location and dates. For Walt Disney World stays, we’ll typically search for hotels near Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, or Bay Lake Florida. You can also narrow results by including “Disney” in your preferred hotel name.

citi thank you lake buena vista.JPG

As of September 2019, we’re still seeing a range of Disney results, including value, moderate, and deluxe resorts, but far from the entire lineup of Disney hotels. Some hotel names have “package” at the end, but you will still see room-only rates when you click through.

citi thankyou results.JPG

You’ll see a variety of rooms offered. The righthand side lists prices in a confusing “points + cash” format. The “Average/Night” amount listed is without 4th Night Free. The “Total” amount listed is with the 4th Night Free benefit applied.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 2.03.13 PM.JPG

Once you click book the room, you’ll have the option to choose to use points, and you’ll then be taken to put in the standard details needed to book a hotel. You’ll pay the entire amount upfront, with the 4th Night Free already discounted.

4th Night Free applies to pre-tax rates, which is why it won’t just be 25% off the bottom line. The cardholder must be the primary person named on the reservation, and you cannot get 4th Night Free for concurrent reservations or consecutive reservations at the same hotel.

Citi ThankYou vs. Disney Directly

You should always compare the prices on Citi to prices you find on other sites. Recently, it’s become harder to find good value using 4th Night Free.

In an old example (February 2018), we were able to easily get the following prices for a stay at Caribbean Beach:

  • Directly Through Disney, No Offer — $969.77

  • Directly Through Disney, With Offer — $832.75

  • Through — $666.42

Nowadays, we’re not seeing as good results. Here’s a recent example (November 2019) for Old Key West:

  • Directly Through Disney, No Offer — $1,782.00

  • Directly Through Disney, With Offer — $1,425.60

  • Through — $2,134.67

I don’t want to say that result is necessarily typical, but it’s not the strangest one I’ve seen either.

Finally, we need to remind you of one other new rule—the two uses per year. Now that you can only use 4th Night Free twice per year, it might not make sense to use it just for a $50 or even $100 saving. This will vary by your annual travel situation, but it’s worth keeping in mind when you find a Citi rate that just beats a Disney rate.

Combine 4th Night free With A Split Stay For Bigger Savings

Remember, 4th Night Free won't help you if you're staying only three or fewer nights. Your savings are also relatively smaller if you stay five, six, or seven nights because (again) the discount is 25% of your first four nights. 

If you're staying eight nights you do not get 25% off twice, even if you make two separate bookings. However, at Disney World you can easily change hotels, so if you break up an eight-night stay into two four-night stays at different hotels, you can use 4th Night Free twice on each four-night stay. Split stays at Disney World are super easy (and a great way to experience different resorts).

We’ve done a few split stays, including when we split nine nights between Animal Kingdom Lodge (Club Level) and Beach Club. All we had to do was bring our bags down to bell services at Animal Kingdom Lodge and ask them to send them to Beach Club.

When we arrived at Beach Club later that day, we had automatically checked in through My Disney Experience, had our Magic Bands ready to go, and just gave bell services our room number!

Final Thoughts on 4th Night Free at Disney

As we’ve said, the value of 4th Night Free is limited these days, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find times when it works for you. And when it does, it can be a useful way to shake up your plans.

For example, 4th Night Free can be a good way to fit a no parks day into your plans. Then there's the time we used 4th Night Free to rearrange our dates and save on our flights. We added a night to the beginning of our trip and booked a late flight out instead of the more expensive flight the next morning that we had planned to take. We saved $116 on flights being able to fly in at night.

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