Complete Disney World Hotels Guide + Reviews [2019]

This post provides a quick overview of each of the hotel options at Walt Disney World. We start by reviewing the types of hotels at Disney World before moving onto a hotel-by-hotel guide to the resorts actually operated by Disney at Walt Disney World. This is the perfect place to start if you’re trying to pick your Disney World hotel!

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We’ve reorganized our hotel content to be more targeted for what readers specifically want in a given post. It used to be all in a single post, and that was unwieldy and messy. Besides the reviews of every hotel (links are found later in this post), we now have the following posts:

So if you’re looking for something with more practical information about the hotels, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for more detailed analysis, look inside the categorical rankings. And if you just want to know what two people who do this for a living think, check out that last link.

Types of Disney World Hotels

You can click here to jump to the guide, which goes through each Disney operated, non-DVC hotel one by one, listing pros and cons of each. Before we get to that guide, we want to quickly discuss some of the other hotel options that we won’t be going into in detail.

“Disney Hotels”

This is what the bulk of this guide (and most of our hotel content) is about, and when we say “Disney Hotels” we’re referring to hotels that are owned and operated by Disney.

These include places like the Grand Floridian, Caribbean Beach Resort, and the All-Star Resorts. These hotels have access to the full set of benefits for guests of Disney hotels, including Extra Magic Hours, Disney’s Magical Express, and the 60-day FastPass+ booking window.

Typically, people call these “on-site” or “on Disney property” hotels, which is a bit of a misnomer because there are hotels on Disney World property that are not operated by Disney, and we’ll cover them in just a second. Again, if you just want the breakdown of these hotels, you can click here to jump to the guide.

Disney Vacation Club (“DVC”) Properties

DVC hotels are owned and operated by Disney, and there are a variety of them at Disney World. You don’t have to be a DVC member to book a DVC property—they are bookable with cash and are categorized as “Deluxe Villas” on the Disney World website.

These properties also have access to the full set of benefits for guests of Disney hotels, and include properties like Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, and Bay Lake Tower.

We don’t cover the DVC properties in this post because they’re really a distinct set of properties with a unique set of considerations. They have kitchens or kitchenettes, and some have in-unit washers and dryers, for example. Some of them are more expensive that deluxe hotels but have worse transportation (because it’s common for DVC guests to drive or visit for longer periods of time).

If you’re interested in reading more about these, we’re happy to direct you to the Disney Tourist Blog ranking of the DVC properties.

“Other Select Hotels”

This is where things get tricky. Now we’re talking about hotels operated by companies other than Disney—like Four Seasons or Marriott. Some of these hotels get access to some of the perks that Disney hotel guests get. Let’s talk quickly about these

(Note: You should always check with the hotel to see what perks will apply during your stay. These can and do change.)

Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin. The Swan & Dolphin are operated by Marriott. Guests at the Swan & Dolphin have Extra Magic Hours, the 60-day FastPass+ booking window, and are served by Disney transportation, but they do not get other perks, including Disney’s Magical Express.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando, Waldorf Astoria Orlando, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, and Disney Springs Hotels. The Disney Springs hotels are a set of seven hotels located just outside Disney Springs. Along with the other three listed hotels, these hotels have Extra Magic Hours access and the 60-day FastPass+ booking window, but no other Disney World perks.

“Good Neighbor Hotels”

Good Neighbor Hotels are hotels near Disney World that carry a Disney stamp of approval. These aren’t run by Disney, and they don’t have any special perks, but Disney thinks they’re good enough to call them Good Neighbors. Besides being okay hotels, the Good Neighbor Hotels do have (1) transportation to Disney World, possibly for a fee, and (2) a specialist who can help you with planning your Disney World vacation.

Everywhere Else

This area of Florida is filled with hotels and motels of every type. There’s little chance we’ll ever make it to one of the Good Neighbor Hotels, let alone any other hotel. If hotel rates are so bad that we don’t want to pay for a Disney hotel or even one of the lower-priced Disney Springs hotels, we’re probably going to settle for an Airbnb.

Upcoming Changes

One last thing before the contents and rankings. There are four more significant changes in 2019 that will impact the rankings:

  • August 29 - Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens at Hollywood Studios (relevant to hotels near Hollywood Studios)

  • September 29 - Disney Skyliner Scheduled to Begin Operations

  • December 5 - Rise of the Resistance ride opens at Hollywood Studios.

Note about the Disney Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner opened on September 29, connecting Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, and Art of Animation to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We were there opening week, and our feelings on it were mixed. Then a few days later, October 5, there was an incident that shut the system down, leaving some people in the gondolas for 2 to 3 hours. The system remained closed until October 14, when it reopened with slightly limited hours.

Given all this, we’re holding off on updating this post to address the Skyliner until at least our November visit. While we definitely think it can be a perk for those hotels, it doesn’t solve every issue, and we’d like to see the system proves its reliability for the new few weeks.

Until then, this guide does mention what hotels are impacted by these changes, we just won’t be updating with the particular impact until the aforementioned dates.

Guide to Disney Hotels at Disney World

Now for the real meat of this post—the Disney hotels, broken down by category and location.

Walt Disney World Deluxe Resorts

Remember, if you’re set on a deluxe hotel and want to see more detailed comparison, you’ll also want to read our ranking of the Disney World deluxe hotels.

Walt Disney World Value Resorts

If you’re set on a value hotel and want to see more detailed comparison, you’ll also want to read our ranking of the Disney World value hotels.

Walt Disney World Deluxe Resorts

In this section, we’re going to give an overview of the deluxe resorts and then move onto a location-by-location breakdown of the hotels. When we get to individual hotels, we’ll quickly list some “best” and “worst” points for for each, but it’s important to remember that the below list—Things Every Deluxe Resort Has—and the area-specific discussions (like “Monorail Area Resorts”) will also be relevant to your decisions.

Things Every Deluxe Resort Has

We’re going to start with an explanation of the things that separate the deluxe resorts from the other resorts. With a variety of hotels at each level (deluxe, moderate, value), you may find some of this in the other tiers, but we still want to give you an idea of what distinguishes these hotels

“Grown Up” Theming. Unlike the value resorts, which favor gigantic, colorful cartoony figures, the deluxe resorts take a more serious approach to theming. You won’t see a giant statute of Ursula at these resorts—you’re more likely to find model ships or African artifacts.

Table Service Dining. All the deluxe resorts have both a “signature” and a “casual” table service restaurant. All except Animal Kingdom Lodge also have a character meal on-site (Yacht Club shares with Beach Club). The flip side of this—which we constantly harp on—is that their quick service options tend to be insufficient. Most moderate resorts also have casual table service restaurants.

Non-Bus Transportation (Almost). Animal Kingdom Lodge has only bus transportation to the parks. Wilderness Lodge has a boat to Magic Kingdom that isn’t much better than a bus. The other six deluxe resorts all have better-than-the-bus transportation to at least one park by monorail, walking path, or boat. Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom more than compensate for this with comparatively low prices.

Club Level. If you choose, at the deluxe resorts, you can upgrade to Club Level for access to the club lounge and small food servings throughout the day. If you’re interested, you should read our opinion on Club Level at Walt Disney World (that post also links to our reviews of every club level).

Because we consider location to the the biggest factor in picking a deluxe resort, we’re going to break this list up by location. This also allows us to discuss features common to the resorts in those sections—so make sure you read these introductory sections, or you’ll miss some important factors. Then we’ll quickly address each hotel individually.

Monorail Resorts at Disney World

There are three monorail resorts at Disney World—Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian. These are commonly called “monorail” resorts because the monorail stops at them, connecting them to Magic Kingdom. As a result of this convenience (and their overall quality), these are three of the top four most expensive Disney hotels

The resort monorail stops at Magic Kingdom, then Contemporary, Transportation and Ticket Center, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and back to Magic Kingdom. A loop takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

Polynesian and Grand Floridian are connected by a walking path. You can also walk from Polynesian to Transportation and Ticket Center. There is a walking path that connected Contemporary to Magic Kingdom. A walking path connecting Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom is under construction as of mid-2019.

Because they’re so well-connected, it’s incredibly east to access to lobbies, grounds, bars, and restaurants of the monorail resorts from each other. Basically, besides pools and fitness centers—which are always accessible only to guests of a specific hotel—staying at any of these resorts gives you easy access to the amenities of the others.

So if the only reason you put Grand Floridian over Contemporary after doing your research is because of the restaurants, ask yourself whether $200 per night is worth the 15-minute monorail ride between the two resorts.

Finally, these hotels all have theme park view rooms with views of Magic Kingdom. For more on these, check out our post comparing theme Park Views at the Monorail Resorts.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

2020 Rates Start At: $498 per night
Review of Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Review of Atrium Club Level at Contemporary Resort

Great Things About Contemporary

  • Only hotel with walking path (10 min.) to Magic Kingdom

    • Note: Grand Floridian, and by extension, Polynesian, is expected to get a path in 2019 or 2020

  • Lowest-priced rooms are cheapest of the monorail resorts

  • High quality rooms; modern, but not too boring

  • Theme Park View rooms are among best on property

  • California Grill is a “bucket list” Disney restaurant known for its amazing views

Not-So-Great Things About Contemporary

  • Transportation to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom is just average

  • Low room rates sell out quickly

  • Theming is less appealing than other deluxe resorts

  • Pool area is boring

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

2020 Rates Start At: $593 per night
Our Review of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort can be found here.

Great Things About Polynesian

  • Resort-wide theming is among the best at Disney World

  • Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto and Tiki Terrace are two of the best bars at Disney World

  • Pool is probably the second best (Yacht & Beach Club)

  • Great firework viewing, with music, from beach

  • ‘Ohana is one of Disney’s most popular restaurants

Not-So-Great Things About Polynesian

  • Worst rooms along the monorail

  • Room + pool not enough to justify higher prices than Contemporary

Great Things About Grand Floridian

  • Bucket list item

  • Most “luxury” feel of any resort, due to theming

  • World class restaurants

  • One monorail stop to Magic Kingdom

Not-So-Great Things About Grand Floridian

  • Luxury theming isn’t the same as actual luxury

  • High prices are wholly unjustified

Boardwalk Area Resorts

Similar to the three monorail resorts, it makes sense to group the three Boardwalk area resorts together. These three hotels—BoardWalk Inn, Yacht Club, and Beach Club all sit around Crescent Lake, a small body of water between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Yacht and Beach sit on one side of the lake, with BoardWalk Inn along the other. A full loop around the lake is just under a mile.

The ground floor of BoardWalk Inn (along with its DVC counterpart, BoardWalk Villas) forms the Boardwalk entertainment district—a boardwalk with bars, restaurants, shopping, and activities (surrey bikes, a few carnival games).

Now, this is no match for Disney Springs, to be clear. But when you add in the restaurants at Yacht Club and Beach Club, and note that the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin (operated by Marriott) are also a short walk away, you’ve really got quite the resort area going on.

You can walk to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios from all three of these hotels. There is also boat service to both parks. Visiting Epcot will involve using a different entrance than most other guests, but this isn’t a significant issue (and we expect it to be mostly moot once the Skyliner traffic joins this entrance on September 29).

Yacht Club and Beach Club are part of a single campus, and they share a pool (Stormalong Bay), though they have separate lobbies, theming, and room designs. BoardWalk is completely disconnected from Yacht & Beach.

As with the monorail resorts, you can easily access all the lobbies, grounds, bars, and restaurants of any of these resorts from the other two. Since the entire loop around Crescent Lake is just about a mile, you’re looking at a ten minute walk (or a two-minute boat ride) between Yacht & Beach and Boardwalk.

Great Things About Yacht Club

  • Best rooms of the deluxe hotels

  • Best pool (Stormalong Bay, shared with Beach Club) at Disney World

  • Lower price than BoardWalk Inn

Not-So-Great Things About Yacht Club

  • We’ve had poor service at some on-site restaurants

  • Popular for conferences, leading to crowded/loud lobby and bars

disney world hotels boardwalk room.jpeg

Great Things About BoardWalk Inn

  • Shortest walk to Hollywood Studios and Boardwalk restaurants

  • Whimsical theming is more fun than Yacht & Beach Clubs

Not-So-Great Things About Boardwalk Inn

  • Prices inexplicably higher than Yacht Club and Beach Club

  • Pool not as good as Yacht Club and Beach Club

  • Rooms older than Yacht Club

Great Things About Beach Club

  • Best pool on property (Stormalong Bay, shared with Yacht Club)

  • Less modern rooms than Yacht Club (in case you don’t like those)

  • Lower prices than BoardWalk Inn

Not-So-Great Things About Beach Club

  • Less modern rooms than Yacht Club (in case you do like those)

  • Longest walk in the area to Hollywood Studios

Other Deluxe Resorts

The remaining two deluxe resorts, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge, are not part of any group. As a result, we’ll have to talk a bit more about each of them individually.

Animal Kingdom Lodge has the worst transport options (i.e. location) of all the deluxe resorts. You can’t walk to a single park, and you’ll be relying solely on bus transportation if you stick to complimentary options. The lower price makes up for that, as it allows you to Uber / Lyft / Minnie Van in a pinch.

With no resorts in the area, Animal Kingdom Lodge is left more to its own devices to entertain guests, and it does so very well, with stunning grounds, great dining, its own savanna (with animals), and plenty of resort activities. One curious element missing is a character meal.

Great Things About Animal Kingdom Lodge

  • 2nd lowest prices of deluxe resorts

  • Best theming on property (tied with Wilderness Lodge)

  • Fantastic restaurant lineup

  • Savanna with real animals right outside resort (and savanna view rooms available)

  • Wonderfully themed rooms

  • Reasonably priced club level

Not-So-Great Things About Animal Kingdom Lodge

  • Bus transportation (or rideshare) to all parks and Disney Springs

  • No character meals on-site

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

2020 Rates Start At: $406 per night
Our review of Disney's Wilderness Lodge can be found here.

Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge have a lot in common. Both have large, grandiose, nature-themed lobbies. Both have poor transportation options. Both have relatively low prices (which allow you some extra money for rideshares).

Some consider boat access to Magic Kingdom to be a perk of this hotel, but we strongly disagree, finding boat transportation to be only as good as bus transportation.

Unlike Animal Kingdom Lodge, Wilderness Lodge is a little more connected to things. This is on the margins, because most guests won’t take advantage of it, but you can take boats to both Contemporary Resort and Fort Wilderness Campgrounds and Cabins.

Great Things About Wilderness Lodge

  • Lowest price of deluxe resorts

  • Best theming on property (tied with Animal Kingdom Lodge)

  • Good restaurants, including fantastic character meal

  • Two pools

  • Boats to Fort Wilderness and Contemporary Resort

Not-So-Great Things About Wilderness Lodge

  • Bus to three parks, bus or boat to Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Moderate Resorts

The moderate resorts are the middle tier of Disney World’s hotels, between value and deluxe. Personally, we don’t feel like they hit a “sweet spot”—if you’re on a budget we just recommend the values (and spend any extra savings on things like dining or tours), and if you’re looking to “treat yourself”, save up for a low-priced deluxe like Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Most rooms at these hotels are much closer to the value rooms than the deluxe rooms. French Quarter and Caribbean Beach recently received “soft” refurbishments, but this makes the rooms just average. Riverside is in the process of getting the same refurbishment.

Coronado Springs has the best rooms, having recently received a complete, “hard” refurbishment. And the Gran Destino Tower offers some of the best rooms at Walt Disney World right now.

The grounds are sort of like the value resorts but with “grown up” themes. They don’t have the depth of the deluxe resorts. Room doors still face the outside, and you’ll be walking amongst a gigantic field of different buildings.

Dining options vary at the moderate resorts. Three of the four have on-site table service, but guests of Port Orleans — French Quarter will have to walk ten minutes to Riverside for a table service meal. Guests at Coronado Springs get the most variety of dining.

What really defines these resorts for us is their generally poor transportation situation. Riverside and Coronado Springs rely solely on buses that make multiple stops around the gigantic resorts.

Caribbean Beach is the same, but will be getting the Skyliner September 29 (which may or may not be an improvement). French Quarter usually has its own bus that makes a single stop, which makes it a standout among the moderate resorts.

Important Note About Driving

If you have a car at Disney World, you may find the moderate resorts significantly more tolerable, as there tends to be parking available near each building. You will have to pay the hotel parking fee ($20 per night as of publication), but you will get free parking at the parks.

Before we dive into each hotel, I want to provide a really quick synopsis based on what we just discussed. You can honestly sort through these four really quickly:

  • Port Orleans French Quarter - Smallest moderate, good transportation (bus only, but usually only a single stop), average rooms, can walk to Riverside easily

  • Port Orleans Riverside - Very large, mix of old and average rooms, bad transportation (bus only, multiple stops)

  • Coronado Springs - Best rooms, most dining options, but bad transportation and a “convention hotel” vibe

  • Caribbean Beach - Average rooms, large, new main building and dining options, bad transportation (bus only, multiple stops, but getting the Skyliner September 29)

Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter

2020 Rates Start at: $246
Review of Port Orleans Resort — French Quarter

disney world hotels guide rankings moderate french quarter 4.jpg

Great Things About Port Orleans — French Quarter

  • Small size makes for short walks to rooms

  • Usually has its own bus with a single stop

  • Theming is fun for adults and children

Not So Great Things About Port Orleans — French Quarter

  • Have to walk ten minutes to Riverside for table service dining

  • Rooms recently only “soft” refurbished (i.e. not up to Coronado Springs quality)

Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside

2020 Rates Start At: $246
Review of Port Orleans Resort — Riverside

disney world hotels guide rankings moderate riverside 2.jpg

Great Things About Port Orleans — Riverside

  • Grounds are absolutely beautiful and have a real “wow” effect

  • Table service dining on-site

Not So Great Things About Port Orleans — Riverside

  • Rooms in midst of soft refurbishment, which is improving them but still leaving them short of Coronado Springs quality (and not all rooms are even refurbished yet)

  • Large size means multiple bus stops and/or long walks are daily occurrences

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

2020 Rates Start At: $230
Review of Caribbean Beach Resort

Great Things About Caribbean Beach Resort

  • Recently refurbished main building and food court are great

  • Good table service on-site

  • Pool has fun “pirate” theming appealing to many kids

  • Skyliner (coming Sep. 29, 2019) may improve transportation

Not So Great Things About Caribbean Beach

  • Large size means multiple bus stops and/or long walks are daily occurrences

  • Rooms had a soft refurbishment recently that leaves them behind quality of Coronado Springs rooms

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

2020 Rates Start At: $223
Review of Coronado Springs Resort
Review of Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs

Great Things About Coronado Springs

  • Recently “hard refurbished” rooms are the best in the moderate category

  • Gran Destino Tower is one of Disney’s most beautiful hotel buildings

  • Option to Upgrade to Club Level

  • Dig Site pool area is one of the better themed pool areas at Disney World

  • Wide range of dining options, including multiple table service options

Not-So-Great Things About Coronado Springs

  • Large size means multiple bus stops and/or long walks are daily occurrences

  • Has a real “convention hotel” vibe (as it actually targets these guests)

Walt Disney World Value Resorts

The value resorts are possibly the most under-appreciated resorts at Walt Disney World. Say what you will, but these are cool, fun, lively, almost trippy places.

disney world hotels guide rankings value all star movies 1.jpg

If the Grand Floridian is a wealthy older couple in a horse drawn carriage riding down Fifth Avenue, the value resorts are a family of five hanging off a motorbike zipping through the streets of Bangkok. This isn't Disney life at its most elegant, but it might be Disney life at its best.

Let's be clear before proceeding. Value resorts have food courts, not restaurants. The rooms are smaller than the rooms at deluxe resorts. You're sticking to bus transportation (or Uber). The theming is not subtle. And the details, the amenities, everything else,'ll get what you paid for.

disney all star music review theming.jpg

As with the moderate resorts, it makes sense to quickly discuss what sets the value resorts apart from each other. Then it’s pretty easy to identify the “great” and “not-so-great” elements of each.

Rooms at the Value Resorts

Pop Century Resort is entirely newly refurbished rooms. All-Star Movies is now the same, and it is expected that Music and Sports will be next.

Currently, Art of Animation is not expected to get refurbished rooms in the near future. Its current rooms (not Family Suites, which are an entirely different issue) are somewhere between the other old and new rooms in quality.

New value room

New value room

Until the Skyliner is operational September 29 (more below), rooms are the factor we weight most in comparing the value resorts. Some people don’t like the new feel of the refurbished rooms.

We get that they’re a step in the direction of a “clean” and “modern” aesthetic. While we don’t care much for that among the deluxe and moderate resorts, we find it to be an improvement over the old value rooms.

Old value room

Old value room

Transportation at the Value Resorts

Until the Skyliner is operational, all the value resorts rely on bus transportation to get to all the parks and Disney Springs. Pop Century and Art of Animation have their own buses almost all the time, while the All-Star Resorts share during off-peak times.

The bus situation is…debatable. We’ve never been bothered by the sharing at the All-Star Resorts, as it only happens during off-peak hours. And you can walk from Music to Movies with no problem (some Movies rooms are even closer to the Music stop than the Movies stop), so this all seems to be splitting hairs.

If you don’t mind walking—we actually enjoy walking—you can also also take an Art of Animation bus and walk to Pop Century, or vice versa.

On September 29, the Skyliner is scheduled to being operations. At that point, Art of Animation and Pop Century will be connected to Epcot and Hollywood Studios via the Skyliner. It’s unclear at this point whether that will be an improvement at those resorts.

Other Differences at the Value Resorts

Here are some other differences between the value resorts:

  • The theme at movies is slightly more “Disney” in the traditional sense that you have giant Woody, Buzz, and Dalmatians sitting around

  • Pop Century has a slightly better food court than the All-Stars; Art of Animation has the best food court of the value resorts

  • All-Star Sports is just a wild west of teens and tweens (engaged in various sporting competitions throughout the year) that we avoid at all cost

  • You can walk easily among the All-Star Resorts; you can walk easily between Pop Century and Art of Animation

And just for completeness, here are some quick profiles of the value resorts.

Disney's Pop Century Resort

2020 Rates Start At: $154
Read our Full Review of Pop Century Resort

Great Things About Pop Century Resort

  • Newest (and best) rooms among the value resorts

  • Prices beat Art of Animation and are competitive with All-Stars

  • Unshared bus with a single stop

  • Can walk to Art of Animation for their better food court

Not-So-Great Things About Pop Century Resort

  • Some people think new rooms lack heart

You might also want to read our post comparing Pop Century and Art of Animation.

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

2020 Rates Start At: $180
Read our Full Review of Art of Animation Resort

disney art of animation resort.jpg

Great Things About Art of Animation

  • Best food court among values

  • Unshared bus with a single stop

  • Little Mermaid Rooms are heavily themed

  • Best Value resort pool (with underwater music)

  • Grounds have heavy “Disney” theming (lots of characters)

Not So Great Things About Art of Animation

  • Room quality lags behind Pop Century and new All-Star rooms

  • High price for Little Mermaid rooms hard to justify

You might also want to read our post comparing Pop Century and Art of Animation.

One More Thing: Art of Animation rooms can be divided into the standard Little Mermaid Rooms and the Family Suites. The prices for the Family Suites are more in line with moderate or even deluxe resorts, starting at $428 per night.

The Family Suites are worth looking into if you've got the money and are looking for something a little different. But don't confuse them with a deluxe stay. You’ll still have bad location and a lack of high-quality dining options.

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort / Disney's All-Star Movies Resort / Disney's All-Star Music Resort

Note: We discuss the All-Star Resorts together, noting the differences briefly.

Rates Start At: $112 per night
Read our Full Review of All Star Movies Resort
Read our Full Review of All Star Music Resort
Read our Full Review of All Star Sports Resort

Great Things About the Value Resorts

  • Lowest prices of Disney hotels

  • New rooms (currently only some Movies rooms) are some of our favorite on property

  • Theming is fun (but over the top)

Not So Great Things About the Value Resorts

  • Often share buses with each other

  • Old rooms are worst on property

Differences Between the All-Star Resorts:

  1. All-Star Movies has refurbished rooms (not all rooms yet) and the most “Disney” theming (because movies, duh), making it easily the best of the three

  2. The shared buses stop at Sports, Music, then Movies.

  3. All-Star Sports typically sees more large groups of kids visiting for athletic events at ESPN's Wide World of Sports.

Campgrounds and Cabins

The Disney website considers the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds their own category and places the Cabins in the Moderate category. Since these are really different places than the other resorts, we don’t see the point in ranking them alongside the other resorts.

The Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

Rates Start At: $400 per night

Our Thoughts: As we cover in our review of The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, Fort Wilderness is a truly unique experience. There’s really no sensible reason to rank it against the other Disney resorts, which is why we don’t.

The Cabins at Fort Wilderness are good for guests who are driving to Walt Disney World and have longer stays. They are equipped with a kitchen, which is a great for saving money.

They also have a personal parking space, so those with cars can quickly jet off to the parks in the morning. Fort Wilderness is filled with recreational activities, which is why it’s better for longer stays.

Without a car, or for shorter stays, the Cabins are great accommodations, but the location and difficulties getting to and from your cabin make it a very inconvenient option.

The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

Rates Start At: $68 per night

We’ve never camped at Fort Wilderness, but we have stayed in the Cabins, which share the same amenities as the campsites. See above for our commentary on Fort Wilderness generally, or read our review of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

The campsites are the lowest-priced accommodations at Walt Disney World, which automatically piques one’s interest. If you have an RV / camper or are really into tent camping, it’s easy to see why these are appealing. If you’re looking for straight value, it’s probably more sensible to save a bit or find the All-Stars at a discount. Don’t come to Fort Wilderness to save, come to Fort Wilderness to experience Fort Wilderness.

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