Disney's All-Star Music Resort Review

After falling in love with Disney’s value resorts during recent visits to Pop Century and Art of Animation, we were looking forward to checking out Disney’s All-Star Music Resort as part of our ongoing quest to stay at all of the Walt Disney World hotels. Here’s what we thought of one of Disney’s lowest-cost hotel options!

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Basics of Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

All-Star Music is one of the three All-Star resorts at Walt Disney World. These are Disney’s lowest-priced value hotels, and they’re all near each other and roughly equivalent in quality. Prices at the values range from about $112 to $217 nightly for standard rooms. Deal prices can get under $100 per night.

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All Star Music also has family suites, but we won’t be reviewing those here. (Also worth noting—due to the presence of the suite room type, you need to be extra diligent to make sure the Disney World website shows you the lowest prices here.)

All-Star Music Grounds

Like the other value resorts, All-Star has simple amenities, smaller rooms, and somewhat kitschy theming.

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The grounds are broken into eleven buildings and two pools. The main building is “Melody Hall.” That’s where you’ll find reception, the concierge, the Note’able Arcade, Maestro Mickey’s Gift Shop, the Intermission Food Court, and the Singing Spirits pool bar.

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Nearest to Melody Hall is the Calypso Pool and the accompanying Kiddie Pool. Further from Melody Hall is the Piano Pool. Both pools have laundry rooms next to them.

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Then ten room buildings form the outer border of the grounds.

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All-Star Music Activities & Perks

All-Star Music also has a decent activity schedule. These are geared toward children, but we were able to enjoy a viewing of Hocus Pocus (the night before we went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party).

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Staying at All-Star Music, you get the perks of any Disney stay. You’ll have access to free transportation (by bus, as discussed below) to and from the parks and Disney Springs. You’ll also be able to book make your FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance rather than the standard 30.

Booking Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

We were looking for a low-cost option at Walt Disney World for a short stay, and knew the All-Star resorts were on our bucket list. Music was the best priced, so we went ahead and booked it. We booked directly through the Walt Disney World website for $141.88 per night, including tax. During deal season, you’ll even see nightly rates under $100 after tax.

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Arrival & Our Room at All-Star Music

We arrived via Disney’s Magical Express, which we’d booked online. For some reason every time I check into Magical Express at the airport there’s some problem with my Magic Band. It never carries over to when I’m actually at Walt Disney World, though, so I’m not sure the issue.

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I had done online check-in and got a text at about 1:45PM telling me my room wasn’t ready. When we arrived at 2:05PM, I went to the desk anyways, and they found an available room.

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There was really nothing noteworthy about our room.

It has two queen beds, a small television, a small table, a bathroom, and a sink/mirror area outside the bathroom separated from the rest of the room by a curtain.

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The detailing was nice and cute, but nothing spectacular.

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The All-Star resort rooms are mid-refurbishment right now, and ours was pre-refurbishment. We didn’t really care, and honestly you aren’t coming to the All-Star Resorts for rooms. But this is really as it should be! At Disney World, the last place you ever want to be is your room!

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We were located in a Broadway building, probably around a five-minute walk from the main building.

Food & Drink At All-Star Music Resort

We love, love, LOVE food and drink at the All-Star Resorts. There’s no fine dining options here, just plain old, delicious, reasonably priced cafeteria options. Chicken, pizza, burgers, salads—it’s all here.

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The cafeteria meals at the value resorts cost one quick service credit each for people on the dining plans. We don’t use the dining plans. Our favorite option is to purchase a full cheese pizza for $18.27 (includes tax). An individual (large) piece is $10+tax, making the full pizza a great deal. We even wound up giving away half our pizza one night.

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So, why all the love for cafeteria options? Walt Disney World is filled with awesome table service options. Regardless of your hotel, you’re going to want to consider restaurants across the resort for your meals. Having great restaurants in your hotel is only a perk if you really want to be eating at those restaurants over all the other great ones in the resort.

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Conversely, quick service options at the deluxe resorts are often awful. They have limited options, can be tough to track down, and sometimes have limited hours. We love having a solid quick service option right in our hotel so we can grab a quick, “cheap” bite as we’re passing through. Food court meals are quick service meals under the Disney dining plans.

Transportation at All-Star Music

Traveling to and from the All-Star resorts, you’ll be relying on buses and rideshare (Uber, Lyft, Minnie Vans). While our experiences with the buses were fine, there were time we were in Ubers and saw huge lines that would definitely require more than one bus. Keep in mind that the All-Star resorts often share buses, too, and All-Star Music was in the middle for pickups.

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When it comes to making reservations or getting to the parks early, we still favor using Uber. We had our worst Uber experience at Walt Disney World while staying at All-Star Music, but we still support using the service. (Just FYI, the driver got lost on the way to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. We should have been more proactive helping her.) Getting back to the resort by bus we had no issues, though the lines at park close are always going to be long.

Conclusion - Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Overall Rating — 3/5

After years of only staying at Deluxe Disney resorts, we’ve become value converts over our stays at Pop Century, Art of Animation, and the All-Stars. But All-Star Music still sits near the bottom of the pack, with Sports.

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Keep in mind that the All-Star Resorts, like all the value resorts, have their drawbacks. It’s hard to take a midday break at the resort since you have to rely on the bus. You also aren’t going to have a Magical day just staying at the resort, like you might at the Deluxe resorts.

But if you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World and ready to spend most of your time at the parks or exploring the rest of the resort, then All-Star Music is a good option at a reasonable price.

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