Eight Reasons to Stay at a Disney Value Resort

Whether you're all about staying off-site or you've always been one to stay at the deluxe (or moderate) Disney resorts, you can have a great time at the value resorts. Here are six reasons to consider the value resorts for your next Walt Disney World trip!

1. Spend that money somewhere else

A hotel is just a place to put your head between parks, dinners, bars, shows, and any other Disney experience you can think of. Why not save $200 per night on the resort and spend that $200 elsewhere?

Staying at a value resort doesn't have to mean your entire trip has to be value-focused. $200 per night is dinner for two at a signature Disney restaurant. These restaurants are an amazing part of the Disney experience, so consider reallocating some of your money that way.

 Consider spending that money on dinner at Be Our Guest!

Consider spending that money on dinner at Be Our Guest!

You can take a tour, like Keys to the Kingdom or Backstage Tales. You can do a Disney bar crawl. You can mini-golf at Fantasia gardens. You can wine and dine by planning a resort day of visits to other resorts (but you'll be stuck in your value resort pool). Or you can buy some of that Disney gear you've been on the fence about your last three trips.

There are plenty of ways to spend money at Disney World, you don't have to spend it on a resort.

2. Transportation is Improving

All signs point to the fact that Disney understands (probably more than many fans) the dismal state of transportation at Walt Disney World. This makes sense, because Disney wants you to spend as little time waiting for a bus and as much time buying merchandise, food, and drink, as possible.

With the upcoming skyliner (which will stop between Art of Animation and Pop Century) and the availability of Uber and Minnie Vans, transportation at Walt Disney World is on the upswing, especially for value resort guests.

3. Simplify your food options

Food courts might not be for everyone, but we love them. Deluxe resorts often have limited, expensive, and sometimes downright bad quick service food options.

At Pop Century, you can stand in one place and get a sense of your huge selection of standard cafeteria fare. Everything POP! is not signature dining, but it is fine food, at reasonable (Disney) prices, that gets the job done in one quick stop. Honestly, it would probably be great just for every resort to have a food court of pizza and burgers tucked away.

4. They're Not as Stuffy

This is about taste, but some (definitely not all) of the deluxe resorts can feel a bit stuffy. That can be nice for the right kind of day on the right kind of trip, but sometimes you want to be able to walk in flip flops to grab a bite to eat without feeling a little out of place. The value resorts tend to be bumpin' with kids and adults alike running around, having a fun time.

 The Grand Floridian is gorgeous, but I sort of feel like I should be in a suit!

The Grand Floridian is gorgeous, but I sort of feel like I should be in a suit!

5. Rethink the midday pit stop for new experiences!

The single best reason to stay at most deluxe resorts is the convenience in returning to them midday. Especially for families with children, this is a great option to have. But, unless it's absolutely essential that you return to your room for the midday pit stop (e.g. to nap), you might try alternative plans.

For example, stop at another resort. If your morning is at Magic Kingdom, take the monorail to the lobbies and lounges at the monorail resorts and relax there with a quick bite for an hour, then head to your next destination. From Epcot, walk over to the Boardwalk or to the Yacht & Beach Clubs. You'll find plenty of places with space to relax and good lunch options.

6. Get the Suite Experience at a reasonable cost

Okay, this is maybe just saying "value resorts are less expensive," but its an important point to make. Many people don't realize that Art of Animation has beautifully themed suites that tend to price around a standard room at a deluxe resort. If you're interested in having a particularly awesome room without breaking the bank, you should consider this option. It's an experience unlike any other at Disney.

7. The Energy is Unbeatable

We've written this elsewhere, but while Grand Floridian feels like an older couple taking a horse-drawn carriage down Fifth Avenue, the value resorts feel like a family of five zipping through the streets of Hanoi on a motorbike. That is, the energy at the value resorts is just something else.

It isn't completely black and white, obviously. At each resort you'll have kids running wild and kids keeping it cool, parents who let their kids do anything and parents who quickly reel them in, other guests who laugh at it and other guests who sneer. But the balances are different.

8. Enjoy those Disney guest perks!

Value resort guests get all the perks of the other Disney guests. If you are used to staying off-site, you might not know what you're missing! You'll get to book your Fastpass+ reservations further in advance. You'll get complimentary transportation via Disney's Magical Express to and from Orlando International Airport, and best of all, you'll get access to Extra Magic Hours! These are great perks that make on-site resorts a special value.

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