Six Quick Vegetarian Options at Disneyland Paris

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If you're a vegetarian planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, you might worry about your food options. We knew the food at Disneyland Paris had a mediocre reputation, but we aren't picky and we really wanted to try the park's vegetarian offerings for ourselves. Here are six vegetarian options at Disneyland Paris!

 Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris and worried about vegetarian options? We've got you covered with six good quick service options inside Disneyland Paris park!

Veggie Burgers at Cafe Hyperion

Veggie burgers are available at a wide variety of Disneyland Paris restaurants at both parks. They're also widely advertised. We found this to be a nice improvement over Magic Kingdom, where you often have to ask a cast member to identify hidden vegetarian options. 

Disneyland Paris has a reputation for some pretty bad meat burgers. Honestly, as vegetarians, we didn't think much negative or positive of the veggie burger here. No, it won't blow you away, but it was also a fine example of a veggie burger. We'd be happy if Walt Disney World offered this consistent of a product. Café Hyperion is the main Discoveryland counter service restaurant. You'll notice the nose of the airship Hyperion looming over the entrances.

It's worth mentioning that McDonald's in France also offers a veggie burger, which one of us hated and the other found okay. There is a McDonald's in Disney Village.

Falafel Sandwich from Cafe de la Brousse

The only bad thing we have to say about our falafel sandwiches from Cafe de la Brousse is that Cafe de la Brousse itself was a bit of a mystery. It wasn't listed on the Disneyland Paris app or map, and it didn't open at the regular lunch time (11:30). It's also a bit hidden, located on the water across from Adventure Isle in front of the Adventureland gateway to Central Plaza.

We only stumbled across it because Emily noticed one of their signs advertising the falafel. The falafel was pretty good, and this was probably our favorite vegetarian option at Disneyland Paris.

Star-Shaped Pizza at Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost

Oh pizza. Many a vegetarian's not-so-guilty pleasure. The one food we get every time we are in Walt Disney World is the personal pizza. It's just who we are. The star pizza (we believe offered for the 25th Anniversary) was a weird take on the pizza, but it tasted just fine. It was a bit bigger than a personal pizza, but not too much for one person.

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost is located near the back of Adventureland, between Big Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones. Pizza is also available at a few other locations in Disneyland Paris, including Pizzeria Bella Notte in Fantasyland.

Taco Salad and Loaded Fries at Fuente del Oro

Mexican food is usually a good option for vegetarians. Fuente del Oro was the counter service restaurant we encountered with the most novel vegetarian options. These were decent regular menu options that just happened to be vegetarian.


The taco salad was a bit of a basic variety — beans, carrots, lettuce, peppers, and corn — in something of a tortilla bowl. We weren't blow away, but throw on some salsa and some guacamole, and it's okay.

The loaded fries were sort of the opposite. By their description, this was an awesome option. Fries loaded with cheese and guacamole! In reality, they were fries with a bit of cheese sauce and guacamole sauce squeezed on. These were still tasty, but they were a poor execution of the description. Fuente del Oro is located in Frontierland across from Big Thunder Mountain.

Caprese Flatbreads from Market House Deli

Flatbreads are second only to caprese sandwiches on our list of vegetarian pet peeves. A flatbread is just a pizza masquerading as...not a pizza. If you're thinking about getting this flatbread, we'd advise you just go and order the pizza from Pizzeria Bella Notte or Colonel Hathi's.


Rigatoni from Pizzeria Bella Notte (Or Rather "DO NOT!!")

This was undoubtedly the worst food we had a Disneyland Paris. It was poorly cooked noodles in a cardboard box with a small amount of bad tomato sauce poured on them. This dish was the Walt Disney Studios Park of meals at Disneyland Paris.

Why, oh why, would someone thing this was a good idea?

Overall, while the food wasn't excellent, we didn't let it ruin our first trip to Disneyland Paris.

Do you have a favorite vegetarian meal at Disneyland Paris that we missed?