Vegetarian Guide to Disneyland Paris

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If you're a vegetarian planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, you might worry about your food options. In this post, we give an overview of the vegetarian options available at Disneyland Paris. This post was last updated following a September 2018 visit.

This post begins with an overview of being vegetarian at Disneyland Paris. We then move on to five quick service vegetarian options at Disneyland Paris. Finally, we provide a list of other vegetarian options restaurant-by-restaurant.

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Vegetarian at Disneyland Paris 101

To quickly get this out of the way, this is not a vegan guide to Disneyland Paris. We’re not vegan, and while we’d love to try and prepare such a guide, we just haven’t had the time.

Disneyland Paris tries to make it easy to be a vegetarian at the resort, but as with other aspects of their operations, they manage to fail in the most bizarre ways.

Every menu you’ll see at Disneyland Paris has a “vegetarian suggestion” icon in use. The icon is a green circle with a white “V.” Being a vegetarian at Disneyland Paris would be more tolerable if the resort's marking system made any sense. But actually, the "vegetarian suggestion" icon is used with seemingly no sense at all.

First, the vegetarian suggestion isn't used for every vegetarian item. You might think this makes sense because it would be silly for them to label "side salad" and "fries" on every menu (which they sometimes do anyways). But they also leave out some real highlights, like the Waldorf Salad at Walt's and the Sweet Corn Fries at Hakuna Matata.

Vegetarian, but not suggested I guess

Vegetarian, but not suggested I guess

Second, they often DO label every instance of side salad as a vegetarian suggestion. Walking by the menus of Hakuna Matata and Au Chalet de la Marionette Restaurant, you'd think you have TONS of vegetarian options—just look at all those green icons at Au Chalet!


But actually, of the 27 times the icon appears on the Hakuna Matata adult menu, 25 are for sides of white rice and assortments of vegetables that come with non-vegetarian items! At Au Chalet de la Marionette Restaurant, the situation is even worse. All 19 properly marked items on the adult menu are for fries or side salad with other meals.

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Third, non-vegetarian items occasionally get marked as vegetarian! In one instance "Jarret de Porc et choucroute"—French for Pork Shank and Sauerkraut—is marked vegetarian. You might think this is because fo the sauerkraut, but you can't order that separately, and the adjacent english description of the item does NOT have the icon. Regardless of that technicality, that same menu also labels the Kid's Chicken Burger and Kid's Hot Dog as vegetarian suggestions!

So if you’re wondering why, in 2018, a guide to being vegetarian at Disneyland Paris is at all necessary, it’s because of those three points. Unfortunately you can’t just count on a quick glance at a menu for your options.

Five Quick Service Vegetarian Options at Disneyland Paris

These are five quick service vegetarian options we’ve tried at Disneyland Paris. We haven’t tried everything, so this can’t be a “best of” list, and we just try to give an honest opinion of each.

Veggie Burgers at Cafe Hyperion

Veggie burgers are available at a wide variety of Disneyland Paris restaurants at both parks.

Honestly, as vegetarians, we didn't think much negative or positive of the veggie burger here. No, it won't blow you away, but it was also a fine example of a veggie burger. Café Hyperion is the main Discoveryland counter service restaurant. You'll notice the nose of the airship Hyperion looming over the entrances.

Falafel Sandwich from Cafe de la Brousse

Cafe de la Brousse itself is a bit of a mystery. It wasn't listed on the Disneyland Paris app or map, and it doesn’t always open at the regular lunch time (11:30). It's also a bit hidden, located on the water across from Adventure Isle in front of the Adventureland gateway to Central Plaza.

We only stumbled across it because Emily noticed one of their signs advertising the falafel. The falafel was pretty good, and this was probably our favorite vegetarian quick service option at Disneyland Paris.

Star-Shaped Pizza at Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost

The star pizza (we believe offered for the 25th Anniversary) was a weird take on the pizza, but it tasted just fine (though it was a bit on the creamy side). It was a bit bigger than a personal pizza, but not too much for one person.

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost is located near the back of Adventureland, between Big Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones. Pizza is also available at a few other locations in Disneyland Paris, including Pizzeria Bella Notte in Fantasyland.

Loaded Fries at Fuente del Oro

Mexican food is usually a good option for vegetarians. Fuente del Oro was the counter service restaurant we encountered with the most novel vegetarian options. These were decent regular menu options that just happened to be vegetarian.

disneyland paris vegetarian fuente.jpg

A previous version of this post had this to say about the loaded fries:

By their description, this was an awesome option. Fries loaded with cheese and guacamole! In reality, they were fries with a bit of cheese sauce and guacamole sauce squeezed on. These were still tasty, but they were a poor execution of the description.

Well, maybe someone at Disneyland Paris read this post, because the fries have seen a huge upgrade! Here’s what they looked like before:


And here’s what they look like now:


In addition to an upgrade to the actual fries, there is more cheese and “guacamole.” Most importantly, they’ve added beans, corn, and salsa so that the fries are actually now “loaded.” Fuente del Oro is located in Frontierland across from Big Thunder Mountain.

Rigatoni from Pizzeria Bella Notte (Or Rather "DO NOT!!")

Note: Bella Notte was closed while we were last in Disneyland Paris, so we don’t know if this dish has seen any improvement.

This was undoubtedly the worst food we had a Disneyland Paris. It was poorly cooked noodles in a cardboard box with a small amount of bad tomato sauce poured on them. This dish was the Walt Disney Studios Park of meals at Disneyland Paris.

Why, oh why, would someone thing this was a good idea?

Other Vegetarian Options at Disneyland Paris

This list of vegetarian options at Disneyland Paris was last updated September 2018. We link to the individual pages on the Disneyland Paris site, most of which contain links to menus. Keep in mind those don’t always list the options in a la carte form (hence this section of the post). The list is not completely exhaustive, and we welcome comments containing additions or updates.

Buffets At Disneyland Paris

We don’t include the eleven Disneyland Paris buffet restaurants in this list. The only buffet we’ve personally eaten at was Restaurant Agrabah Cafe, which we loved. It was way overpriced, even for the stunning decor, but the food was among the best we had at Disneyland Paris. It is primarily Middle Eastern / Mediterranean cuisine. We also don’t include hotel restaurants.

disneyland paris vegetarian agrabah.jpg

Finally, we don’t list desserts, bakery items, or snacks. Prices are given in Euro. We’ve bolded some options that stand out to us or that we recommend.

Disneyland Park Quick Service

The vegetarian options at the Disneyland quick service restaurants are anchored by veggie burgers, a vegetable salad, pizza, pasta, fries, and a side salad. While we were at Disneyland Paris in September 2018, all quick service restaurants were pushing onion rings and mozzarella sticks. They cost €3.

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Au Chalet de la Marionette Restaurant (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Vegetable Salad with Cereals (6.99)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

  • Fries (3.59)

Cafe Hyperion (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Veggie Burger (9.99)

  • Vegetable Salad with Cereals (6.99)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

  • Fries (3.59)

Cafe de la brousse (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Menu

  • Falafel Sandwich (7.49)

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Vegetable Salad and Cereals (6.99)

  • Three-Cheese Pizza (10.99)

  • Rigatoni Neapolitan or with Cheese Sauce (8.99)

  • Cherry Tomatoes (3.59)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

  • Garlic Butter Bread (3.59)

Fuente Del Oro Restaurante (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Vegetarian Salad (6.99)

  • Loaded Fries (9.99)

  • Assortment of Vegetables (3.59)

  • Mexican Rice (3.59)

  • French Fries (3.59)

  • Nachos (3.59)

Hakuna Matata (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Vegetarian Hakuna Salad (6.99)

  • Sweet Corn Fries (3.59)

  • White Rice (3.59)

  • Assortment of Vegetables (3.59)

Last Chance Cafe (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Vegetable Salad and Cereals (6.99)

  • Sweet Corn Cream Soup (3.59)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

  • Fries (3.59)

Market House Deli (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Vegetable Sandwich (6.49)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

  • Vegetable Salad and Cereals (6.99)

Pizzeria Bella Notte (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Three-Cheese Pizza (10.99)

  • Rigatoni Neapolitan or with Cheese Sauce (8.99)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

  • Garlic Butter Bread (3.59)

Toad Hall Restaurant (Quick Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Veggie Burger (9.99)

  • Vegetable Salad and Cereals (6.99)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

  • Fries (3.59)

Disneyland Park Table Service

The only table service restaurant we’ve eaten at in Disneyland Park is Captain Jack’s which we recommend.

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Auberge de Cendrillon (Table Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Cream of Pumpkin Soup (prix fixe only)

  • Fresh Pasta With Wild Mushrooms (prix fixe only)

Captain Jack's (Table Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Caribbean Guacamole, root vegetable salad (16.99)

  • Quinoa salad with a spicy cashew vinaigrette (15.99)

  • Vegetable curry, plantain banana and Captain's ride (30.99)

  • Sweet potato and pear squash shepherd's pie, coconut crumble topping, crunch vegetables (34.99)

The Lucky Nugget Saloon (Table Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Vegetarian Burger (16.99)

  • Side Salad (a la carte price unknown)

  • Rustic Fries (a la carte price unknown)

Silver Spur Steakhouse (Table Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Seasonal Soup (11.99)

  • Vegetarian Burger (26.99)

Walt's - an American Restaurant (Table Service, Disneyland Park) - Website

  • Roasted Vegetable salad with Meaux mustard and Ranch dressing (17.99)

  • Waldorf salad with romain salad, blue cheese vinaigrette, grapes, peanuts, apples, and croutons (17.99)

  • Gnocchi, grilled porcini mushroom sauce and baby vegetables (36.99)

Walt Disney Studios Park Quick Service

Walt Disney Studios Park has two quick service options, Blockbuster Cafe at the back of the park and Restaurant En Coulisse in Studio 1 right at the front of the park.

Blockbuster Cafe (Quick Service, Walt Disney Studios Park) - Website

  • Vegetable Sandwich (a la carte price unknown)

  • Tomato and Rocket Bruschetta (a la carte price unknown)

  • Neapolitan Pasta Gratin (a la carte price unknown)

  • 3-Cheese Salad (a la carte price unknown)

Restaurant en Coulisse (Quick Service, Walt Disney Studios Park) - Website

  • Veggie Burger (9.99) (We actually can’t confirm they have this; we didn’t have a chance to check the a la carte menu, but it would be a unique burger restaurant in Disneyland Paris if it didn’t include a veggie burger.)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

  • Fries (3.59)

  • Cherry Tomatoes (3.59)

Walt Disney Studios Park Table Service

disneyland paris vegetarian remy.jpg

Bistrot Chez Remy (Table Service, Walt Disney Studios Park) - Website

  • Vegetable and tofu navarin (prix fixe only)

  • Cocotte of herb and sun-dried tomato ravioli (prix fixe only)

Cafe des Cascadeurs (Table Service, Walt Disney Studios Park) - Website

  • Premium Veggie Burger (12.99)

Disney Village

Disney Village is actually probably the best place to find good and unique vegetarian options. Notably not listed below are Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Vapiano, and McDonald’s.

Annette's Diner (Table Service, Disney Village) - Website

  • Hash Brown Potato Sticks (6.99)

  • California Salad (6.99)

  • Onion Rings (7.99)

  • Vegetable soup (6.99)

  • Coleslaw (5.99)

  • Annette's Style Soya Burger (18.99)

  • Veggie Burger (16.99)

King Ludwig's Castle (Table Service, Disney Village) - Website

  • Garlic Bread (5.99)

  • Pretzel with mustard (2.99)

  • Potato Dippers (5.99)

  • Onion Rings (7.99)

  • Mozzarella Sticks (9.99)

  • Buffalo Mozzarella (9.99)

  • Spatzle (18.99)

  • Veggie Salad (18.99)

Sports Bar (Bar, Disney Village) - Website

  • Four Cheese Pizza (10.99)

  • Nachos (4.99)

New York Style Sandwiches (Quick Service, Disney Village) - Website

  • Four Cheese Pizza (10.99)

  • Neopolitan or Cheese Sauce Rigatoni (8.99)

  • Side Salad (3.29)

Cafe Mickey (Table Service, Disney Village) - Website

  • Basilic Minestrone (prix fixe only)

  • Four Cheese Pizza (prix fixe only)

Earl of Sandwich (Quick Service, Disney Village) - Website

  • Four Cheese Pizza (8.95)

  • Margarita Pizza (8.95)

  • Veggie Mac & Cheese (8.95)

  • House Salad (6.95)

  • Veggie Sandwich (6.95)

Do you have a favorite vegetarian meal at Disneyland Paris that we missed?