10 Fun Ways to Have a Disney Halloween At Home

Our time between Disney parks is teaching us a valuable lesson: sometimes you can't get to the Magic, so you've got to bring the Magic to you. We think Mouse Hacking should be not just about travel hacking your way to Disney, but about life hacking to bring Disney to you. This post is a bit of a change of pace for us, but if you like it, we're going to keep coming with posts that bring great Disney Magic straight to you!

Many of us would like to be in a Disney park for the Halloween season, but with school and work, it's not always the best time. Here are ten ways to bring Disney Halloween to you even if you can't make Mickey's Halloween Party or Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Follow our Disney Halloween Pinterest board for more fun tips!

1. Dress like Your Favorite Disney Character

The most obvious option for a Disney Halloween is to do Halloween as a Disney character. I know, princesses are cliche and Disney costumes can be expensive. So it's time for a life hack! DIY your Disney costume! Don't spend those big bucks!

Check out this list of 45 DIY Disney Themed Halloween Costumes from Rebecca at The Crafted Sparrow for inspiration. KeepCalmAndBlushOn also has this great video of last-minute DIY costumes!

2. Paint a Disney Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkin painting is a great way to enjoy Halloween, especially for little ones who might not be old enough to carve. Paint also gives you a chance for some awesome designs. Paint a Disney pumpkin and put it in front of your door so everyone knows where your heart's at. 

Sara at Mom Endeavors has a great list of 10+ Best No-Carve Disney Pumpkins.

3. Carve a Disney Halloween Pumpkin

If painting isn't your kind of mess, try carving a Disney pumpkin. Carving can be a real challenge, but we've got you covered.

Check out this list of 100+ Disney Pumpkin Carving Ideas from Melissa at The Farm Girl Gabs for designs to get you started.

4. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and Make Jack's Spider-Flakes

A movie + activity combo is one of the best ways to celebrate a Disney holiday. For our first of two combos, watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and make spider-flakes like Jack does in the movie. 

Zombie Pumpkins has a free, printable stencil so you can make your own spider-flakes and be just like Jack Skellington! (Well, not just like him…you're not a skeleton.)

5. Make Poison Apples & Watch Snow White

For our second movie + actvitiy combo, we're bringing food into the mix. Grimm's fairy tales are actually pretty dark, and even the Disney versions keep some scary elements, like the Queen giving Snow White the poison apple.

Just don't take them from strangers...

Just don't take them from strangers...

So pop in Snow White and make yourself a poison apple. 

If you're looking for a crafty, non-edible decoration, check out this Wicked Witch poison apple from Alecia at Chicken Scratch NY.

If you're craving a treat, try these spooky poison apples from Wanna Bite.

6. Get a Disney Halloween Wreath

If you've ever been around Disney during the holiday season, you know the decorations are legit. One hallmark of the Halloween season is the Mickey fall wreath. The best thing about it is someone has figured out how to make these at home so you can bring a bit of Disney fall to your front door.

Check out Dawn's DIY Mickey Halloween Wreath over at Cutefetti!

7. Make Mickey and Minnie Halloween Cookies

Okay, now back to treats. Holidays are nothing if not an excuse to decorate some cookies (as an excuse to, you know, eat them).

Melissa at Sparkles to Sprinkles has a great recipe that combines Oreos with Mini-Oreos for Disney Halloween deliciousness!

For more Oreo inspiration, check out these awesome designs from Hungry Happenings.

8. Play Haunted Mansion Clue (And Watch The HAunted Mansion, Maybe)

Yea, this could be a movie + activity combo if you really want to watch The Haunted Mansion. But otherwise, a nice game of Haunted Mansion Clue is a great way to have some Disney Halloween family fun.

We won't be held responsible if you go this route...

We won't be held responsible if you go this route...

9. Share the Disney Spirit with Disney Halloween Favors

Halloween isn't just about taking, it's about giving candy, too! A Disney Halloween wouldn't be complete without some Disney theming to the favors you're giving away! Consider making or buying some Disney tags for the candy you or your little ones are giving away. Here are some from Cute Pixels on etsy. Or just take your candy buckets up a notch.

Disney itself offers a cool way to paint your buckets to look like Disney characters!

10. Put Together a Disney Halloween Playlist

You don't realize it until you see them all at once, but Disney has some really spooky songs! Those villains really make for catchy tunes. So while you're handing out the candy (or doing one of the other things on this list) throw together a spooky Disney playlist.

Alicia at Making Time for Mommy has a great Disney Halloween playlist to get your started.


What are your favorite ways to bring disney home at halloween?