Best Animal Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants

Trying to figure out where to grab a quick meal at Animal Kingdom? Here’s your list of the best Animal Kingdom quick service restaurants! We rank all the restaurants Disney qualifies as “quick service” at Animal Kingdom, with a brief description of what each offers.

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Quick Service at Walt Disney World

Just in case you’re not familiar with what “quick service” means: quick service meals are those meals where you typically order from a cashier, pick up your food at a counter, and find your own seat. Disney dining plans divide meals into quick service and table service, the latter (not covered here) being where you’re seated and have a waiter. Animal Kingdom has six total quick service restaurants.

Animal Kingdom Quick Service Restaurant Rankings

Before we get to our short descriptions of the restaurants, we’ll just give you the rankings in case you just need those. Here are all the Animal Kingdom quick service restaurants, ranked:

  1. Satu’li Canteen

  2. Flame Tree Barbecue

  3. Harambe Market

  4. Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes

  5. Restaurantosaurus

  6. Pizzafari

Also, I want to add that like Epcot and (to a lesser extent) Magic Kingdom, some of the real highlight foods around Animal Kingdom will be found at smaller snack stands not on this list. We’re big fans of the Malva Cake Sundae at Tamu Tamu Refreshments and the fries at Mr. Kamal’s, for example.

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1. Satu’li Canteen

Link to the Full Menu at Satu’li Canteen

Satu’li Canteen is the best quick service restaurant in Animal Kingdom and our favorite quick service stop in all of Walt Disney World. Satu’li’s feature menu item is its build-your-own bowls—offering beef, chicken, shrimp, or tofu with your choice of base and sauce.

Moreover, Satu’li Canteen has ample indoor seating, something you won’t see on this list again until the last two spots.

The restaurant also offers one of Disney's most instagrammable desserts, the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse. Satu’li Canteen is located in Pandora — The World of Avatar, just outside the Windtraders store near the entrance to Avatar Flight of Passage.

best animal kingdom quick service 04 satuli.jpeg

2. Flame Tree Barbecue

Link to the Full Menu at Flame Tree Barbecue

As the name implies, Flame Tree is the barbecue spot in Animal Kingdom. Ribs and pulled pork are the featured items here, but you'll also find chicken and mac & cheese.

Flame Tree remains a favorite of many who haven't been won over by the customizable, pseudo-healthy trend that gave us Satu'li. And I get it--who doesn't love some great barbecue?

Flame Tree Barbecue is located on Discovery Island, on the left-hand side of the path to Dinoland USA.

3. Harambe Market

Link to the Full Menu at Harambe Market

Harmbe Market is, along with Flame Tree Barbecue, one of the two Animal Kingdom restaurants that leans heavily on meat, with ribs, check, gyros, and pork all available. Vegetarians can have the vegetable bowl, but they'll probably prefer the offerings at Satu'li.

Our favorite thing about Harambe Market is the decor, which is highlighted by various small pieces of "street art" around the outdoor seating area.

Harambe Market is one of the more "hidden" restaurants. It is located on the east side of the Africa land. From Discovery Island, you'd cross the bridge into Africa and, instead of going straight toward Kilimanjaro Safaris, immediately take a right then a left.

best animal kingdom quick service 01 harambe.jpeg

4. Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes

Link to the Full Menu at Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes

Yet & Yeti is sort of an American / Asian fast food fusion restaurant. It has items like the American Kobe Beef Hot Dog with Banh Mi or Kimchi, and the Asian Chicken Wrap.

While we’re not blown away by this menu, it is trying to do a bit more than the last two restaurants on the list. Yat & Yeti Local Food Cafes is located in the Asia land near the path that leads to Kali River Rapids. There is a table service option (just "Yak & Yeti") in the same area.

5. Restaurantosaurus

Link to the Full Menu at Restaurantosaurus

By theming, Restaurantosaurus is arguably the best quick service restaurant in Animal Kingdom. Like much of Dinoland USA, every inch of the restaurant has some piece of backstory.

That aside, it's mostly just a burger restaurant with a few other options (shrimp, chicken). Restaurantosaurus is located in Dinoland USA right outside Dino-Rama and near the entrance to DINOSAUR.

best animal kingdom quick service 03 restaurantosaurus.jpeg

6. Pizzafari

Link to the Full Menu at Pizzafari

Pizzafari is the Animal Kingdom spot for Disney's famously not great pizza. Personally, we eat Disney pizza a lot, but it is often the subject of ridicule and we're not here to dispute that it isn't the highest quality product. a Pizzafari if you want Disney pizza. Pizzafari is located on Discovery Island on the southwest corner, where the paths to Africa and Pandora diverge.

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