Best Rides for Toddlers at Epcot

In this post, we discuss the best rides (and attractions) for toddlers at Epcot. Epcot has a few good rides for toddlers, but you’ll definitely want to read the entire post—which includes other attractions and activities that toddlers might be interested in. We close with a discussion of FastPass+ with toddlers at Epcot.

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None of the commentary on this page has to do with how we personally feel about the overall quality of the rides—keep any commentary focused on whether attractions are suitable for toddlers. We have a ranking of all the rides at Disney World if you’d like to see our personal assessments.

Best Rides for Toddlers at Epcot

Epcot has six rides without height requirements. If you’d like to read more about these—and all the rides, attractions, and entertainment at Epcot—check out our Guide to the Rides and Entertainment of Epcot. After this list, we’ll go more into other attractions and activities for toddlers at Epcot.

Here are the best rides for toddlers at Epcot:

  1. Frozen Ever After

  2. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

  3. Journey Into Imagination With Figment

  4. The Seas With Nemo & Friends

  5. Spaceship Earth

  6. Living With The Land

1. Frozen Ever After

There can’t be much disputing that Frozen Ever After—the Frozen-themed boat ride—is the best ride for toddlers at Epcot. Besides being a beautifully designed boat ride, it is themed to one of the most popular Disney films of the past few years. The ride is usually one of the most popular rides at Epcot, and with pretty good reason.

For families with toddlers, you’ll want to target Frozen Ever After as part of your Epcot FastPass+ Strategy or your Epcot Rope Drop Strategy.

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2. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

Honestly, how you rank these next three rides will just depend on what interests the kid. Gran Fiesta Tour is a boat ride in the Mexico Pavilion that follows two of the Three Caballeros as they attempt to track down Donald Duck.

3. Journey Into Imagination With Figment

There’s little need to debate the merits of Journey Into Imagination With Figment when it comes to toddlers. The dark ride starring Figment takes you on a journey through the senses and, of course, imagination.

For all the faults we personally find with it, there’s no doubt that this zany, purple dragon and his ride are entrancing to children. There are some loud noises and surprising moments.

4. The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is basically a Nemo-themed dark ride. Hop in your “clamobile” vehicle and ride through a story of Marlin and Dory searching for Nemo as they encounter characters like Bruce and Crush along the way. The ride closes with a cool feature of the Nemo characters digitally imposed on the real aquarium.

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5. Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is obviously a fantastic ride, but its theme—communication through the history of mankind—might not be the best fit for toddlers. There are some fantastic sets throughout the ride, but their realism might not satisfy a toddler more interested in colorful characters like Nemo or Figment.

6. Living with the Land

Personally, I don’t think any list that has Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land in the last two spots is worth reading, but you already made it to this point. (Obviously kidding, sort of.)

Like Spaceship Earth, the theme of Living with the Land will be lost on most toddlers. It’s a great ride—one of the best—but maybe not for toddlers. The sets are nice, and the trip through the greenhouse is cool, but I’d be surprised if any toddler is ranking this #1.

Coming Soon: Ratatouille Ride

The last word from Disney was that the new Ratatouille-themed dark ride would open in Epcot in 2021, but rumors have also indicated 2020 is in play. The ride is expected to be identical to the dark ride in Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. Having ridden that ride numerous times, we’re expecting to place this one around the #2 spot when it opens.

Other Activities for Toddlers at Epcot

Epcot is heavily into non-classical attractions. Future World is heavily focused on interactive spaces and The World Showcase is filled with cultural, non-ride attractions.

If you have a full day at Epcot, you should be able to find time to stop by each of the spots we’re going to list next. You might find some activities are more for older kids, but you also might find that your toddler really enjoys the design of the space or hitting buttons and making things happen.

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Activities for Toddlers Around the Park

Character greetings aren’t as big a thing at the other parks as they are at Magic Kingdom, but there are still a few to be found in Epcot. Use the My Disney Experience app to see what characters will be greeting (and where) today.

Check the Times Guide or Entertainment section of the My Disney Experience app for times all the tons of entertainment throughout the park, like JAMMitors, the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats, and Guardians of the Galaxy — Awesome Mix Live!

IlliumiNations, the nightly show, has a decent amount of fireworks, but may be a bit slow in the middle for toddlers.

Future World Activities for Kids

Four of the attractions in Future World have interactive spaces filled with games/activities at their exits. Project Tomorrow is at the exit to Spaceship Earth and features several games/activities themed to “the future.” ImageWorks is another interactive space at the exit to Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

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Advanced Training Lab is at the exit to Mission: SPACE (not discussed above because of its 40” height requirement). The Seas With Nemo and Friends is (confusingly) the name of both the ride and the attached pavilion, which houses one of the world’s largest aquariums.

Within The Seas pavilion you’ll find Turtle Talk With Crush, which we highly recommend for kids of all ages. This is the chance for kids to talk to Crush from Finding Nemo, though smaller children will mostly just be observers.

The Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival is a great option for kids. It’s an 18-minute 3D show of Disney and Pixar short films.

World Showcase Activities for Kids

The Kidcot Fun Stops are craft stations found around the World Showcase at each of the countries. AllEars has good coverage of this activity, which is one of the highlights for kids at Epcot.

sAround the World Showcase you’ll find a variety of displays and streetmosphere entertainment. Besides this, we want to highlight the indoor theater shows. Reflections of China, The American Adventure, Impressions de France, and O Canada! are all indoor shows with a focus on scenery and history of the respective countries.


Our separate Epcot FastPass+ guide and Walt Disney World FastPass+ Strategy don’t really cover planning specifically for small children, so we wanted to add a section here.

Keep in mind that these rankings only apply if you’re not planning on using rider switch for adults to ride the rides with height requirements. If you are planning to rider swap, then we still recommend the adults stick to our regular FastPass+ plan (links above).

Here are the Epcot attractions we’d consider using FastPass+ on when traveling with a small child:

  1. Frozen Ever After

  2. Spaceship Earth

  3. Epcot Character Spot (closing September 8)

  4. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Additionally, you can also count on a short wait regardless of where you start your day, you should have little trouble deciding on your three advance FastPass+ reservations.

What are your favorite activities for toddlers at Epcot?

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