Christmas at Hollywood Studios - Flurry of Fun 2019

Christmas is a fun time at Hollywood Studios, with Flurry of Fun expected to return November 8, 2019! If last year’s celebration is any indication, we can expect Christmas flair to come to Toy Story Land and the rest of the park. Read on to learn about everything you need to know about Christmas at Hollywood Studios!

Flurry of Fun 2019 Details

Disney hasn’t actually confirmed that “Flurry of Fun” will return in 2019. So far, however, they have confirmed that the two cornerstones—Sunset Seasons Greetings and Jingle Bell Jingle BAM!—will be back from November 8, 2019 to January 5, 2020. The rest of this guide is currently a report from the 2018 version of the event, which we expect to return in a substantially similar form.

Hollywood Studios Flurry of Fun Times Guide

Flurry of Fun is the name given to Hollywood Studios’s holiday celebration. Unlike Magic Kingdom’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Flurry of Fun occurs through the entirety of park hours (the best parts are at night) and is accessible to everyone with a park ticket.

hollywood studios christmas decorations 7.JPG

At the bottom of this section, we’ll post photos of the November 8 to 10 times guide. In general, at Flurry of Fun you’ll find:

  • Festive decorations throughout Hollywood Studios

  • Chances to meet Santa, Santa Goofy, and other holiday-inspired characters

  • Special holiday-inspired Toy Story Land decorations

  • A special holiday version of the Frozen Sing-Along

  • Sunset Seasons Greetings — the AMAZING Sunset Boulevard projections, lasers, and snow show

  • Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! — the holiday Chinese Theater projections and fireworks show

  • Food and merchandise available only during the holiday season

Reminder:  This is the November 8 through November 10 Times Guide, it may change for your visit!

Reminder: This is the November 8 through November 10 Times Guide, it may change for your visit!

Hollywood Studios Christmas Decorations

Hollywood Studios has a pretty big variety of Christmas decorations. They start at the entrance.

My view down Hollywood Boulevard was into the sun, so I had to get it from the other side.

hollywood studios christmas hollywood boulevard.JPG

But here’s a shot closer to sunset.

Closer look at the Hollywood Boulevard details.

The Citizens of Hollywood were in on the fun.

hollywood studios christmas citizens.JPG

These figurine sets are pretty prominent.

Sunset Boulevard always stands out a bit to me. I’m a fan of the stars.

Lil’ bit closer now…

hollywood studios christmas sunset boulevard 2.JPG

And of course, we can’t forget the tree!

Echo lake has ornament balls in it…

And Gertie has a Santa hat!

And throughout the park you’ll see wreaths, garland, and other small decorations. They really are in the spirit over here.

Don’t worry, we give Toy Story Land its own decorations section below.

Two Holiday Attractions “Overlays”

Two attractions at Hollywood Studios are modified with a bit of holiday cheer.

Holiday Version of Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

This is the only attraction modification in Hollywood Studios. The Frozen Sing-Along Celebration gets an extra 5 minutes or so of holiday-inspired songs, along with an appearance by a special friend.

Alien Swirling Saucers With Christmas Music

The Alien Swirling Saucers “overlay” is less interesting, as it is the normal ride, but with some Christmas music (auto-tuned alien style) instead of the standard ride music.

hollywood studios christmas flurry of fun alien swirling saucers.JPG

Meeting Santa (and Other Holiday Characters) at Hollywood Studios

You can meet Santa on Sunset Boulevard in the rear of the Once Upon a Time store. Midday on a Tuesday, the wait was at 20 minutes.

hollywood studios christmas once upon a time.JPG

All the other characters were in the holiday spirit, too. Here’s Goofy:

hollywood studios christmas goofy.JPG

Chip and Dale:

And Buzz:

hollywood studios christmas buzz.JPG

Woody and Jessie have their Christmas outfits on (love Woody’s candy cane)

hollywood studios christmas toy story land 2.JPG

Toy Story Land Christmas Decorations

Disney has been promoting their Toy Story Land Christmas theming pretty hard, and while it’s fun to see oversized holiday items, really the rest of the park is just as (if not more) impressive. But still, Toy Story Land has some fun details, so let’s check them out…

hollywood studios christmas woody scarf.JPG

Rex has antlers, and he and Jessie say some bit about the holidays rather than their normal track.

hollywood studios christmas toy story land.JPG

The army men threw on some Christmas scarves.

And some other holiday touches were added around the land.

hollywood studios christmas toy story land 3.JPG

And we can’t forget the giant Hamm cookie!

Held up by a Green Army Man!

hollywood studios christmas green army man.JPG

Hollywood Studios Christmas Merchandise & Snacks

For the most part, the merchandise is the same as you’ll find everywhere else around the resort, however, there are a few pieces of exclusive Flurry of Fun and Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! merchandise:

Hollywood Studios also has a Toy Story Alien popcorn bucket that people were losing it over (tweet from WDWNT):

There are a variety of snacks available, too, mostly additions to the menus at the Hollywood Studios quick service restaurants. The Prep and Landing Cupcake and the Spiced Cold Chocolate at Rosie’s All American Cafe were WAY too much sugar for me. The cupcake was piled with—and stuffed with—frosting. The Spiced Cold Chocolate was just a dense chocolate pudding.

The Santa Macarons at BaseLine Tap House were a more reasonable treat. They were $8 for five macarons, which is a lot for a snack, but not so bad for macarons.

hollywood studios christmas macaroons.JPG

The speciality cocktail options are less impressive. Disney’s cocktails are overpriced, and the holiday options are no exception. We’ve tried the Winterberry Margarita (purple in the below picture) and the Frosted Gingerbread Cocktail.

As holiday beverages they weren’t so bad. But as holiday cocktails they disappoint. The Frosted Gingerbread Cocktail is $14.50 (before tax) and really is more of a tasty dessert than a cocktail.

There are a variety of other options across the park, and we’ll update as we try more of them.

Hollywood Studios Christmas at Night

Nighttime is when Christmas at Hollywood Studios really shines.

Hollywood Studios — Sunset Seasons Greetings

The highlight of the evening (to us, at least) is the ongoing “Sunset Seasons Greetings”, which features projections, animated billboards, lasers, and SNOW(!) on Sunset Boulevard.

Generally we don’t like projections, but these are a pretty creative use of them, transforming Tower of Terror into more whimsically themed structures, like the Hollywood Toy Hotel:

hollywood studios christmas flurry of fun 1.JPG

Or a gingerbread tower:

hollywood studios christmas flurry of fun 2.JPG

While the Tower transforms, tunes and lasers bring life to Sunset Boulevard.

hollywood studios christmas flurry of fun 3.JPG

Finally, between (and as a part of) these transformations, the billboards on either side of the boulevard play skits featuring Disney characters. The Tower projection run on about a 15-minute loop, but the billboards vary a little bit.

Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!

Evenings end with “Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!” the Christmas-themed projection show on the Center Stage. The show is fine, just about the same as the other Hollywood Studios projections shows.

The plot is a crossover of “Prep & Landing” and “Nightmare Before Christmas,” though really the show doesn’t lean too heavily on it. (I mention it mostly because some people talked to me afterward and were confused as to how Halloween fit into things.)

The Christmas projections are cool, and anything involving Christmas music is nice (the first six weeks, at least).

Overall, Christmas at Hollywood Studios shockingly impressed me. I had more fun at Hollywood Studios when Christmas started on November 6 than any other day in recent memory. Basically, it’s nice to see a park that often underperforms really take the holiday season and run with it. Christmas at Hollywood Studios is definitely worth a visit!

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