Christmas at Magic Kingdom 2018

Halloween is behind us, and that means Christmas decorations will be popping up around Walt Disney World for the next few weeks, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party kicks off November 8! Things got started overnight from October 31 to November 1 at Magic Kingdom. Let’s start with decorations!

Magic Kingdom Christmas Decorations

Even before you walk under the railroad, you’ll start to see Christmas decorations.

magic kingdom christmas entrance 2.jpg

Update: The Christmas tree is now up at Magic Kingdom:

magic kingdom christmas tree far.jpg

And up close…

magic kingdom christmas tree up close.jpg

Protected by toy soldiers:

magic kingdom christmas soldier.jpg

Smaller trees adorn the railroad ticket booth:

magic kingdom christmas railroad station.jpg

Christmas is most alive on Main Street, U.S.A….

And back toward the tree:

magic kingdom christmas main street 2.jpg

Mickey wreaths adorn most every pole down Main Street, U.S.A.

There are a few “ordinary” wreaths around as well.

Even the trolley is decked out! (This picture is from before the tree was up, obviously.)

Candy Cane Garden is set up…

Complete with its Christmas countdown:

This is also where you’ll find the best wreath in Magic Kingdom:

magic kingdom christmas wreath.jpg

And at night, Magic Kingdom really sparkles. I’m an awful night photographer (a skill I promise I’m working on). But here are some nighttime shots:

Magic Kingdom Christmas - Hidden Gem

Before we get to Jingle Cruise, which is the flagship holiday ride of Magic Kingdom, I wanted to remind you of something I forgot—we’ve already got a Christmas ride at Magic Kingdom! Well, a Christmas scene, at least. I’m talking, of course, about Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress! The last scene of this classic features the Progress family gathering for Christmas,


Magic Kingdom Christmas - Jingle Cruise

While the maps haven’t rolled over and won’t show Jingle Cruise until later this week, the annual overlay is already in place at Jungle Cruise.

magic kingdom christmas jingle cruise sign.jpg

I don’t much enjoy the Jingle Cruise jokes—certainly not compared to Jungle Cruise—but it is nice to hear something different, and the decorations are great. Update: Emily rode Jingle Cruise the other day and reported significantly better jokes than what I heard. Jingle Cruise may just be more “your experience may vary” than Jungle Cruise. Update 2: I’m now 0-for-2 on Jingle Cruise.

Unfortunately, I had a bad seat, so my best pictures are of the queue. I’ll do my best to grab some better ones later on.

magic kingdom christmas jingle cruise 2.JPG

The office is thoroughly decorated, but the netting gets in the way of detailed photos.

Fingers crossed!

magic kingdom christmas jingle cruise 4.JPG

The unidentified hut at the start is well done.

magic kingdom christmas jingle cruise 5.JPG

Even the tarantula is in the spirit!

Trader Sam has politely been asked not to bring food to the holiday pot luck.

But he’ll probably be busy with his Sam-ta duties anyways!

magic kingdom christmas jingle cruise 6.JPG

The skippers have some great resolutions!

Magic Kingdom Holiday Merchandise

There is so much merchandise, I’m just going to put it all in a gallery rather than sequentially. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of items, too, but I did my best to grab some quick shots this morning.

Some of the merchandise actually rolled out the past few weeks, but we wanted to make sure to include it in this post (sorry if you’ve seen it already).

Okay, but first, ears:

magic kingdom christmas ears 1.JPG
magic kingdom christmas ears 2.JPG

And now the rest of it:

That’s all for now! Remember, we’ll be updating this post with everything Christmas Magic Kingdom has to offer this year!