How Much Does Disney Fastpass Cost At Every Park? (2019)

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The introduction of MaxPass at Disneyland created a lot of confusion about whether and when you have to pay to use Fastpass at different Disney parks. This post covers free vs. paid Fastpass at every Disney park in the world, including how much the paid Fastpass option costs. If you’d like, you can click below to jump to a specific park/resort:

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Walt Disney World FastPass+ Cost

We'll start with FastPass+, the Fastpass system at Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World contains four parks—Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot—and all use the same FastPass+ system.

How Much Does Walt Disney World FastPass+ Cost? 

Walt Disney World’s FastPass+ costs $0—it’s free! Access to the FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World is complimentary to all ticket holders. While there are paid upgrades (discussed below), you can accomplish a great deal with just the standard FastPass+ system.

Online and through the free Walt Disney World My Disney Experience app, you can manage your FastPass+ reservations. The nice thing about FastPass+ is that if you do your prep work, you'll still be able to get a leg up on everyone else.

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Paid Upgrades To Disney World’s FastPass+

There are a few ways you can pay to gain a FastPass+ edge over other Disney World guests.

Staying at a Disney Hotel. Guests who stay at Disney’s hotels at Walt Disney World or select other hotels get the chance to book their FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance (as opposed to the standard 30 days). This perk of staying at a Disney hotel means reservations for popular rides like Slinky Dog Dash and Avatar Flight of Passage often are gone by the time the standard 30-day window rolls around.

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Staying Club Level at a Disney Hotel. Guests who are already staying club level can pay $50 per guest per day for expanded FastPass+ options. We stayed club level at Animal Kingdom Lodge and loved it, but paying an extra $200 per day for a family of four on top of what you're paying to stay club level for expanded FastPass+ perks would be pretty wild.

Park & VIP Tours. These aren’t technically FastPass+ upgrades, but they’re incredibly relevant. Walt Disney World offers a wide range of tours with a Cast Member guide, priced from about $125 to $400, most of which include ride experiences. When they do, you’ll be walking on the ride either through the exit or through the FastPass+ queue.

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Some tours are focused on rides—particularly the VIP tours, which can include a full day with 10+ walk-on attractions. Other tours will have fewer rides (they’re focused mostly on other topics). When we did the Keys to the Kingdom Tour at Magic Kingdom, we got to ride Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise with minimal wait times.

Other Special Paid Events. Like tours, these aren’t technically FastPass+ upgrades, but they deserve mentioning for those interested. Disney continues to offer a variety of paid events priced around $100 to $150 that get you access to the parks with smaller crowds in the morning or evening.

These include Early Morning Magic and Disney After Hours. Theoretically, you could use your time at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party for short waits, but we strongly advise against that (and the waits aren’t as short as Early Morning Magic and Disney After Hours). We’ve reviewed Hollywood Studios After Hours and Animal Kingdom After Hours.

Disney World’s FastPass+ Might Not Cost $0 Forever

We don’t like to speculate too much, but it’s pretty reasonable to think that the cost of Disney World FastPass+ will not be $0 forever. In particular, once Star Wars Land (“Galaxy's Edge”) opens, there’s a chance of Disney introducing some sort of paid component to FastPass+.

What will this look like? Well, in May 2018, Disney started offering park tickets with pre-selected FastPass+ reservations. Honestly, when we first heard of them we assumed they had a price, and we were pleasantly surprised to see Disney offering the selections for free.

Then we saw that the selections were actually quite awful, which explains why they didn’t charge extra for these tickets. It also seems pretty clear that this was employed as a sort of "beta test" of a future program where the most popular attractions can be pre-selected for a fee.

Cost of FASTPASS & MaxPass At Disneyland

Disneyland Resort has a traditional FASTPASS ticket system and a paid upgrade called MaxPass.

How Much Does FASTPASS at Disneyland Cost?

FASTPASS at Disneyland is free to all ticket holders. That means you can still grab your short wait on Radiator Springs Racers and Space Mountain for free!

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Thats right—Disneyland's traditional, paper-ticket based FASTPASS system is free to use! You can simply scan your theme park ticket at the FASTPASS machine to retrieve a FASTPASS for the ride. No cost! Unlike in Walt Disney World, however, there is a simple way to pay for a leg up on the FASTPASS competition.

How much does MaxPass at Disneyland cost?

MaxPass at Disneyland costs $15 per person per day.

If you want to upgrade to Disney MaxPass, which allows you to reserve FASTPASS from the free Disneyland app and with slightly better restrictions than the paper-ticket system, you’ll need to pay $15 per ticket per day.

We have a guide to FASTPASS and MaxPass if you need to know more. In our Disneyland planning guide we highly recommend paying for the MaxPass upgrade. Among other things, it saves you the trouble of going back and forth between FASTPASS distribution kiosks. You’ll also be able to grab reserved space for Fantasmic and World of Color from your phone.

For the most part, MaxPass won’t impact the return time on your FASTPASS. If everyone else is grabbing return times for the end of the day, yours is also going to be for the end of the day.

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Other Paid FastPass Options at Disneyland

There are a few other ways to get on rides quickly at Disneyland at a price.

Park & VIP Tours. Disneyland has more limited tour offerings than Walt Disney World, but for the right price they’re happy to put together the VIP tour of your dreams.

Other Paid Events. Disneyland has recently been expanding its paid event options. Unlike Walt Disney World’s events, these tend to be thematic (90s Nite, Sweethearts’ Nite) to appeal to the high concentration of locals.

Cost of Fastpass At Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disneyland's Fastpass system also offers both a paid and free version, but in a very different way than Disneyland (California).

How Much Does Fastpass at Shanghai Disneyland Cost?

Fastpass at Shanghai Disneyland is free! While it isn’t a paper Fastpass system, Shanghai Disneyland's basic Fastpass system is free to use. It’s sort of like having MaxPass or Fastpass+ in that you can book the Fastpass slots via the free Shanghai Disney Resort app.

How Much Does Premier Access at Shanghai Disney Resort Cost? 

Disney Premier Access is the most direct paid Fastpass system around. You simply pay for the right to ride a ride at any point during the day. The price has varied frequently over the past year, and it varies depending on whether you purchase an individual ride or a set, but Disney Premier Access costs roughly $20 per ride.

Staying at a Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel

Guests who stay at a Shanghai Disney Resort Hotel (Shanghai Disneyland Hotel or Toy Story Hotel) can make advance Fastpass reservations at check-in. We’re not clear whether this is in addition to the ability to grab one right when you enter the park or if you’re just getting to advance select your first one.

Cost of FASTPASS at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris offers a standard paper ticker FASTPASS system along with paid offerings—SUPER and ULTIMATE FASTPASS. Our guide to FASTPASS at Disneyland Paris is here.

How Much Does FASTPASS at Disneyland Paris Cost?

FASTPASS is free at Disneyland Paris. Guests using the standard, paper ticket system at Disneyland Paris can use it for free.

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How Much Do Disneyland Paris SUPER and ULTIMATE FASTPASS Cost?

Disneyland Paris has a handy table that covers the ridiculous range of prices for these options. The short of it is you’ll be paying between $34 for one-time access to three rides and $192 for unlimited access to nine rides.

Disneyland Paris Hotel and VIP FASTPASS Options

Continuing its needlessly complicated offerings for paid FASTPASS, Disneyland Paris also offers “VIP” and “Hotel” FASTPASS privileges to certain guests of Disneyland Paris hotels. These are complimentary to qualified guests, but you’re paying a premium for the hotel / room type.

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As of July 2019, Disneyland Paris describes Disney Hotel VIP FASTPASS:

Enjoy unlimited access to the FASTPASS line and skip the queue during your stay. As a Suites or Castle Club Guest, you’ll board within a matter of minutes to the attractions that offer the FASTPASS service (only available at Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Hotel New York, Disney's Newport Bay Club and Disney's Sequoia Lodge).

and Disney Hotel FASTPASS:

Enjoy faster entry at times that suit you to some of your favourite FASTPASS attractions. Only available for Guests staying at Disney's Hotel New York (Empire State Club rooms), Disney’s Sequoia Lodge (Golden Forest Club room) and Disney’s Newport Bay Club (Compass Club rooms), who will receive one FASTPASS per day per person, which is valid all day.

Hong Kong Disneyland FASTPASS Cost

FASTPASS is free at Hong Kong Disneyland. Holders of certain annual passes also receive additional FASTPASS benefits at Hong Kong Disneyland. There are no other paid options that we’re aware of.

Tokyo Disney Resort FASTPASS Cost

FASTPASS—the traditional, ticket-based system, is free at Tokyo Disney Resort. There are no paid options that we’re aware of.