Disney's Sequoia Lodge Review

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Near the top of the list when planning a trip to Disneyland Paris is choosing your hotel. We chose Disney's Sequoia Lodge as our home for two nights on a recent trip. Here's what we thought of this American National Park-themed resort.

Booking Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Booking Disneyland Paris is a bit different from booking the American Disney destinations. We booked directly through the Disneyland Paris site, booking a 3-day/2-night package.

Rates at the Sequoia Lodge range from under $200 to over $500 per night and are typically just below the prices for Disney's Newport Bay Club and Disney's Hotel New York (and far below Disneyland Hotel).

You can pay more for club rooms, which come with special Fastpass privileges. As always, we suggest checking other booking sites (Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com) to make sure you get the best rate.

Arrival And First Impressions of Disney's Sequoia Lodge

The Disneyland Paris hotels are arranged with their backs to the lagoon, which is the way you come from the train station. Your initial impression of the hotel might not be amazing, because Disneyland Paris doesn't have much interest in what the backs of things look like. Sequoia Lodge, for instance, has a relatively plain facade facing the lagoon.

The lakeside facade of Disney's Sequoia Lodge is rather uninteresting.

The lakeside facade of Disney's Sequoia Lodge is rather uninteresting.

One good way to avoid getting disoriented entering the back of the hotel, and a great tip in general, is to use the Disneyland Paris app to locate things like dining, restrooms, and the front desk in your hotel.

The inside of the resort is reminiscent of Wilderness Lodge, but with the large lobby area replaced by a smaller, though still impressive, lounge area, Redwood Bar and Lounge. The hotel is well-themed, though nowhere near to the quality of Wilderness Lodge (this is actually contrary to much of Disneyland Paris, which we found to be exceptionally well-themed). 

Reception was friendly, but we were quickly reminded of some of the things you don't get outside Walt Disney World. Instead of Magic Bands, we had room keys. Room keys that you couldn't even charge things to. You also had a "hotel ticket" that got you access to amenities like the pool and Extra Magic Hours. Wanting to avoid guests having  to carry at least three items — a credit card, a room key, and a hotel ticket — is exactly why Walt Disney World introduced Magic Bands, by the way.

Our Simple Room at Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Our room was ready when we arrived, which was unexpected but nice. The rooms was pretty boring. Our view was awful (that's just what we booked), but we spent almost no time in the room when we weren't sleeping, so we honestly didn't care much about the details.

Our room at Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Our room at Disney's Sequoia Lodge

The TV had a Disneyland Paris channel and various foreign-language Disney channels. Outlets were sparse but not totally lacking. The beds were comfortable.

We're always a little torn on Disney Hotel rooms. When you look at hotels like Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, you really see what Disney is capable of. But then there are bland disappointments like Disney's Sequoia Lodge. You can't be too tough, though, because you're not there for the hotel room.

Disney's Sequoia Lodge - Location

After checking in, we walked over to Disneyland Park. The walk was about 15 minutes, including a security check between the hotel and Disney Village. Keep these in mind when trying to get to the very start of Extra Magic Hours if following our one-day Disneyland Paris itinerary! There was a Starbucks in Disney Village, with relatively short lines when we went in the morning and afternoon.

The view of Disney Village across Lac Buena Vista from Disney's Sequoia Lodge

The view of Disney Village across Lac Buena Vista from Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Sequoia Lodge is located on Lac Buena Visa (a small lagoon) between Disney's Newport Bay Club (on one end) Disney's Hotel New York (on the other, closer to the Disney Village entrance), and across from an event space and the entrance to Disney Village. All of Disneyland Paris's hotels, except Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch, are walking distance to the parks and Disney Village. We made the longer walk to Cheyenne and Santa Fe one afternoon, and you're looking at about an extra 10 minutes if you stayed at one of those resorts.

Dining Options at Disney's Sequoia Lodge

We didn't take the time to enjoy the restaurants at Sequoia Lodge. There are a total of three options, Redwood Bar and Lounge (which we did drink at), Hunter's Grill, and Beaver Creek Tavern. Unlike Walt Disney World hotels, it wouldn't make sense to consider the restaurants at Disneyland Paris hotels much in choosing one to stay at since you can easily walk to Disney Village, the parks, and the other hotels.

Drinking at Redwood Bar and Lounge

Our favorite thing about Sequoia Lodge was Redwood Bar and Lounge. Redwood is the main bar at Disney's Sequoia Lodge and offers a version of Carnet de Bar, the standard drink menu for Disneyland Paris, with a few themed offerings. The drinks aren't so special, but the ambiance of Redwood is amazing.

The seating wraps around a fireplace, with couches being closest to the center and plenty of tables filling out the space. Despite the number of tables, we never felt crowded. There was just a healthy level of buzz with families coming and going throughout the evening, some staying only a few minutes, some hanging out longer playing cards.

Disney's Sequoia Lodge, Conclusions

We'd reluctantly recommend a stay at Disney's Sequoia Lodge for a visit to Disneyland Paris. The price point is nicely in the middle of the Disney hotels, and the environment outside or your room really is enjoyable.

But if you're comparing the hotel to other adventure-themed hotels (Animal Kingdom LodgeWilderness Lodge, Explorers Lodge), expect to be disappointed. For a trip to Disneyland Paris, a hotel is really just a home base from which to explore the parks, Disney Village, and the other hotels.