Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Review

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is a flagship hotel of Tokyo Disney Resort. Much like the other "Disneyland" hotels, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel anchors the resort hotel lineup with grandiosity and elegance, and we were fortunate enough to spend four nights there!

Here's our review of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel!

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Overview of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is one of four Disney hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort. Along with Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, it is one of the two most expensive options at Tokyo Disney Resort, with room rates starting around 35,000 JPY (roughly $325) and surpassing 70,000 JPY during some seasons. Like the "Disneyland" hotels at Hong Kong and Paris, it is Victorian-styled.

Throughout this review, we make comparisons to Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta. This is because these two hotels are priced similarly and are essentially counterparts to the two parks at Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea).

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Location

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located just on the other side of the monorail from Tokyo Disneyland park. We didn't time the walk, but it probably comes in at about two minutes or less. While it can't compete with the location of MiraCosta inside Tokyo DisneySea, it's still incredibly convenient. Some of the views are quite amazing, too.

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The monorail gives you easy access to Tokyo DisneySea, MiraCosta, IKSPIARI, Disney Ambassador Hotel, and JR Mahaima station. We were able to get to Tokyo DisneySea in less than 15 minutes, for example.

Booking Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Unlike when booking Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, you can get good rates at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel without booking the exact moment rooms open up. This post is being written at the end of February, and here's what availability looks like:

  • Reasonable rates for 50% of March
  • Five days of reasonable rates in April
  • Reasonable rates for 75% of May, June, and July

You can book your stay at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel through the Tokyo Disney Resort website. Note that this website is unlike the Disney resort websites you may be familiar with. What's more, it's common to have issues using an American credit card on the site. We had no difficulties booking on our Chase Sapphire Reserve, but many people report issues with various cards.

The lowest room rates range from 35,000 JPY to over 70,000 JPY (roughly $325 to $650) depending on your date. You can also book a package that comes with show tickets and extra Fastpass options. We haven't priced these out, but we'd be unlikely to spend much of a premium for the packages.

We wound up booking through something of a fluke. We had intended to stay at the Hilton Tokyo Bay, but rates jumped up unexpectedly, which left a narrow gap from Hilton Tokyo Bay to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. We decided to just go for it. We wound up booking for nights for 45,200 JPY per night (roughly $422 nightly). We used our Chase Sapphire Reserve to earn 3X points on travel. We probably should have tried using 4th Night Free on our Citi Prestige (at the moment I can't recall why we didn't).

By comparison, our Harbor View room at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta cost us 73,500 JPY for a weeknight stay the same week.

Arrival and Check-In at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

We arrived at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel via the Airport Limousine bus service. If our understanding of the stops was correct, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel was actually the fifth or sixth stop. However, the first stop was for Tokyo Disneyland (the park) and was located literally a three-minute walk from the hotel. We realized this as the bus unloaded, hopped off, and walked over to the hotel.

If you were arriving from public transit on Tokyo, you'd take the train the the JR Maihama station, transfer to the Tokyo Disney Resort Line (monorail) and disembark at the Tokyo Disneyland stop. Our Tokyo Disney Resort trip planning guide covers more of the details of transportation.

The grandiose lobby at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The grandiose lobby at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

We were arriving pretty late (6:15 PM) which meant minimal lines and minimal staffing. The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel lobby is very grandiose and quite beautiful. While the lobby of Hotel MiraCosta is also elegant, it is much smaller. The hotel bar at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Dreamers Lounge, is set off from the lobby only by a few steps and a short wall, which adds to the spaciousness of both the lobby and the bar. The lobby is largely similar to what you'll find at Disney's other Victorian-style hotels.

Dreamers Lounge at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Dreamers Lounge at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

At check-in, we were given our paper slips for the "Happy 15" perk of getting into the parks 15 minutes early. We were shown to our room by a very helpful cast member who told us all about the restaurants, shops, parks, and hotel. We were in our room by 6:35 PM.

After check-in, we walked over to the tickets desk and purchased park tickets. If you're staying at any of the four Disney hotels, you can get special 3-day or 4-day tickets that include park hopper on all days. The standard ticket requires you to pick different parks for day one and day two, then you can park hop on days three and four. The special ticket was something like 40 USD more per person, and we didn't think it was worth it.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Room

The rooms at both Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea MiraCosta are exquisite and well-themed with Disney flair.

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These are not "modern" or "contemporary chic" rooms. They are elegant and peppered with Disney details.

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Our view was of the courtyard, nothing special. The bathroom was divided into a toilet room, shower room, and sink area in between. The mini-bar was stocked with a reasonable amount of liquor, two beers (600 JPY), two Coca-Colas (400 JPY), and water (free).

The room came with a nice amenity kit, pajamas, and slippers. Wifi is free to all guests and works much better during the day than at night (when at times it just was unusable).

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Overall, we found the design of the Hotel MiraCosta rooms a bit more overwhelming, while Disneyland Hotel maintained a comparatively subtle touch (though it sounds silly to call it subtle at all). 

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Food & Drink

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has three restaurants: CANNA, Sherwood Garden Restaurant, and Dreamers Lounge (the lobby bar). We only spent time at Dreamers Lounge. It was a fine lobby bar, but there was nothing special about it.

Honestly, between the time you'll need for the parks and the quality of food (particularly snacks) inside the park, we wouldn't expect most readers to need to set aside time for a meal at these restaurants. If you do, let us know how it goes!

Splitting A Stay At Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels

We split our stay between Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta and highly recommend anyone with the financial means do the same. Between Disney hotels, we were able to have bell services transfer our bags while we visited a park with no problem.

Our original plan for this trip was to stay at Hilton Tokyo Bay and then transfer to Hotel MiraCosta. We'd gladly endorse any plan to do a similar stay but with Tokyo Disneyland Hotel substituting for Hotel MiraCosta is the price was lower. A chance to stay at either of these hotels should not be missed.

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To the best of our knowledge, you can't transfer bags from the non-Disney hotels to the Disney hotels. What you'd want to do is simply move your bags during the middle of your last day (during peak lines when you've done most of what you need to do) and then plan to spend your evening at the park you're closest to.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Closing Thoughts

We were ultimately glad our poor planning led us to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. The hotel itself was great, and we loved being able to walk right over to Tokyo Disneyland. We prefer Hotel MiraCosta, but only if you can get a good view at a price that works for you (or if you're a return visitor who will spend all your time in Tokyo DisneySea). The hotels are close enough in quality that if you're just grabbing a standard room, you can "save" a bit and go with Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

Have you stayed at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel or Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta? What did you think?