Epcot Fastpass Tiers and Strategy 2018

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In this post we discuss how to use Fastpass+ successfully at Epcot in 2018 (and beyond), including the best rides for Fastpass at Epcot and how Epcot Fastpass should fit into your Walt Disney World planning. We suggest also reading our full Walt Disney World Fastpass+ strategy for a complete understanding of the system.

Epcot Fastpass Tier 1 Attractions

The 12 Epcot attractions are split into two Epcot Fastpass tiers, five rides in Tier 1, seven rides in Tier 2. We'll start by discussing the Epcot Fastpass Tier 1 attractions. When selecting your three advance reservations for Epcot, you can only pick one of Tier 1 attraction. The five Tier 1 attractions at Epcot are:

  1. Frozen Ever After
  2. Test Track
  3. Soarin'
  4. Illuminations: Reflection of Earth
  5. Epcot Character Greeting

There's no two ways about it: the best ride to Fastpass at Epcot is Frozen Ever After. Frozen should get your Tier 1 slot.

Frozen Ever After is among the most popular Fastpass reservations in Walt Disney World, and the line is consistently long. If you can't get a Fastpass reservation for Frozen, then you should definitely head there at rope drop. Frozen Ever After is one of the two rides we note as anchoring how you schedule your park days at Walt Disney World.

If you do get that Frozen reservation, we suggest starting your day at Test Track, preferably but not necessarily in the single rider line.

The key here is that Test Track's line moves much more quickly than Soarin'. If you go to Soarin' first, you'll wind up letting the Test Track line get too long. This is actually okay if you're planning to use the single rider line at Test Track, but in most cases it's a mistake you'll want to avoid.

Epcot Fastpass Tier 2 Attractions

Epcot has seven Tier 2 attractions. When making your advance reservations, you can reserve two of these (or three if you don't reserve a Tier 1 attraction). The seven attractions are:

  1. Mission: Space
  2. Spaceship Earth
  3. The Seas with Nemo & Friends
  4. Living with the Land
  5. Pixar Short Film Festival
  6. Journey Into Imagination With Figment
  7. Turtle Talk with Crush

There's little to discuss here — Mission: Space and Spaceship Earth are the best rides to Fastpass at Epcot with your Tier 2 slots. There's no reason to overthink this. Those rides are really the only two of the seven that get meaningful lines and for which you might (might) struggle to find a same-day Fastpass.

If you can book Frozen about an hour after park open and book two of these afterwards, you're in a great position. But you'll have to take Frozen when you get it. Either way, put your first and second Fastpass about an hour after park open.

 Frozen, Test Track, Soarin' and everything else! Learn how to use Fastpass+ to skip the lines at Walt Disney World's Epcot!

Frozen, Test Track, Soarin' and everything else! Learn how to use Fastpass+ to skip the lines at Walt Disney World's Epcot!

Epcot Fastpass+ After Your First Three Reservations

While we always recommend using Disney's official, free My Disney Experience app to snag Fastpass+ reservations, the physical kiosks are located at:

  • At the character spot on the way to Future World West (where Soarin' is)
  • Outside Mouse Gear on the way to Future World East (where Test Track is)
  • At the "back" entrance to the park between the France and U.K. pavilions

We suggest checking the Walt Disney World website to confirm kiosk locations in case they change before we update this post.

If you managed to put Frozen first, once you use it you can probably modify your second two reservations to speed up your day. Sometimes it will even be worth it to cancel them altogether to ride Soarin', Test Track, or Frozen again if you're so lucky as to find an open reservation.

This is especially true if you get off Frozen and the waits for Mission: Space and Spaceship Earth are short, as will often be the case. Epcot is a pretty easy park to cover.

If you want to avoid any lines, you can usually grab Epcot Fastpass Tier 2 reservations pretty easily throughout the day. Instead, we suggest walking around the World Showcase (or waiting in short lines) and checking the My Disney Experience app for bonus Epcot Fastpass Tier 1 reservations.

Epcot's World Showcase

Speaking of Epcot's World Showcase, what do you need to know about fitting it into your day? First of all, World Showcase usually opens a few hours after the park opens (hours vary by day). This means that you'll have time in the morning to knock out your rides before heading to World Showcase.

There are 11 countries in the World Showcase. You can easily spend 30 minutes at each just meandering through. If you stop for snacks or drinks at each, you could spend an hour at each easily.

If you're a first time Epcot visitor, we suggest prioritizing the main three Epcot Fastpass Tier 1 attractions and Spaceship Earth, followed by the World Showcase, followed by the other attractions. This doesn't mean you have to do those four attractions before visiting the World Showcase, just that you should have a plan for visiting them before you embark on the a trip around the world.

How To Fit Epcot In Your Walt Disney World Trip

Since you can only schedule advance Fastpass+ reservations for one park on a day, you may wind up on a shorter trip needing to pick what parks to skip Fastpass+ at (at least until you're at the park and can grab whatever Fastpass+ slots are available). This is really only a problem for trips of fewer than five days. Anything five days or more and you want to give each park at least one day of advance Fastpass+ slots.

This analysis is partly subjective, too. If riding Frozen is more important than anything else you'll do at Walt Disney World, prioritize Epcot as high as you'd like.

Epcot is the third most important park for Fastpass planning until June 30, when Toy Story Land opens and it drops to fourth. You should definitely not plan a day for Fastpass at Epcot unless you have days for Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Moreover, the Epcot triad of Soarin'-Frozen-Test Track is tougher to get through without Fastpass+ than Hollywood Studios' triad of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Tower of Terror - Toy Story Mania.

 Epcot is easy to conquer with a good Fastpass+ strategy!

Epcot is easy to conquer with a good Fastpass+ strategy!

Once Toy Story Land opens on June 30, you will want to prioritize all three other parks over Epcot. This means Epcot shouldn't get a Fastpass+ day unless you have at least four days at the parks. The exception is if you absolutely have to ride Frozen and would be willing to miss one of the new Toy Story Land rides and wait in a long line for the other.

Finally, the best Disney crowd calendars seem to expect that Toy Story Land will bring crowds to all the other parks as well, so you might expect Epcot to be a little more crowded this year than it was during your past trips, especially during summer.

Epcot 2018 Events

While not strictly relevant to your Epcot Fastpass+ selection, you should know when Epcot will be having events that will draw higher crowds (dates are from AllEars.net):

  • Feb. 28 to May 28 - Flower & Garden Festival
  • March 9 to March 11 - Steve Harvey Filming
  • August 30 to November 12 - Food & Wine Festival

Generally, you don't need a full strategy for Fastpass+ planning around these events. Here are some quick tips, though:

  • Fastpass+ selections will be harder to get for these days since more people will be planning to go to Epcot, so be sure to grab as soon as booking opens.
  • Prioritize getting attractions done if this is your only trip for a few years. Epcot can be easily conquered in a day, so get the rides out of the way, then enjoy the World Showcase and special attractions.
  • Don't drink too much wine before Soarin' or Test Track.

Beyond that, you'll just want to stick to the above and have a magical time!

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Do you have any tips for Fastpass+ at Epcot?

 Our Epcot Fastpass+ strategy will get you on the must-ride attractions with no wait! Start planning today for a magical tomorrow!