12 Things We (Almost) Never Do At Walt Disney World

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Everyone has the special ways that they do Disney, and we're no exception. While we do try and write well-rounded content that isn't too corrupted by our biases, there are plenty of things we just avoid at Walt Disney World at all costs.

Some of these are "hacks," where we have tricks to avoid things we don't like, but much of this list is just things we really don't enjoy, and why we try and avoid them.

1. Wait In Long Lines

If you've read much of our content, this probably doesn't surprise you. We're big Fastpass+ people, and we really hate lines. We try to never wait in any at all.

There are a few exceptions, though. Sometimes the Fastpass+ queue has a few people in it, and we're forced to wait. And we'll deal with posted waits of 10, or even 15, minutes or less, as those usually are rounded up to begin with.

But you won't catch us in any of these hour waits. The only exception we make for long waits are hot days when we want to be inside for a bit, maybe in the Toy Story Mania! queue.

1. wait in line.jpg

We obviously have the benefit of experience—we’ve been on every ride multiple times, and we’ll likely get on them again (although boy do we wish we’d hopped on Great Movie Ride one last time).

We also are fans of the design of Disney parks beyond the rides. There’s a lot to be seen if you can find the time, so we’d rather take the time to walk around and observe. Typically, the time from about 11AM to 3PM is when lines are at their peaks, and we spend much of that time exploring, eating lunch, on attractions with no lines, and watching the in-park entertainment.

2. Pay Full Price

It's very rare that we pay full price for a trip to Walt Disney World. Prior to becoming Disney World annual passholders, we always relied on Undercover Tourist for tickets. That said, given the number of times we visit in a year, the annual pass was the best way for us to save. And since we upgraded tickets bought from Undercover Tourist to our annual passes via "ticket bridging", we didn't pay full price for the annual passes!


Hotel rooms are a little trickier, but we always try to use every method in our ways to save on your Disney hotel room. With Citi's 4th Night Free, the only time we'd wind up spending full price for a hotel room is on stays of three nights or fewer where no deals anywhere are available. That rarely happens.

Finally, we've long used our Chase Disney Visa to save on food and merchandise. Read more of our 53 ways to save on your Disney vacation.

3. Arrive Early For Parades / Fireworks

We're not fans of nighttime shows and parades, Illuminations excepted. We'll watch them, but we're not plopping down on the street hours ahead of time for them.

We get why this works for families—you get to relax for a few hours, and the kids will enjoy the show. But we don't have kids, and even though we're shorter people, we still manage to find good views at the start of shows whenever we want them.

july 4 cinderella castle.jpg

We've also only used Fastpass+ once for a nighttime show, and that was when we were able to grab a spot for Illuminations while spending the afternoon at Epcot's World Showcase. Checking for Fastpass+ space once you've finished the rides is a good idea for making the shows more tolerable.

4. Ride Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

We haven't been to Walt Disney World since this became a Tier 2 Fastpass+ ride at Hollywood Studios, so maybe our feelings will change. But when it needed a Tier 1 Fastpass+, rope drop, or an hour-plus wait in a cement box, we were happy to skip the 80 seconds of thrills.

4. rock n roller coaster.jpg

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster fills a very specific need in Walt Disney World—it’s a thrill ride for teenagers or for people who love a specific type of roller coaster. Given that it’s a unique ride for the parks, it maintains a very long line. But if you’re not in that niche of people, the ride is nowhere worth the wait.

5. Rely On Buses

We do take the buses at Walt Disney World, but we never rely on them. If we need to get around Disney property quickly, we Uber.

Granted, we have heard the buses are getting better. Disney's willingness to provide bus wait times on the My Disney Experience app also suggests they're putting some effort into this area of operations.

5. rely on bus.jpg

Nonetheless, you'll still see reports on twitter of people waiting 30+ minutes for buses, particularly at the parks. There’s just no good reason to let Disney’s questionable bus operations get in the way of your plans. If you’re looking to accomplish a four-park day, for example, the inevitable bus to Animal Kingdom is going to be the weak link.

6. Watch Fantasmic!

People love Fantasmic!, and we get that. Overall, the show itself is pretty good. The problem, though, is the staging. People start lining up hours ahead of time, only to be ushered down a lengthy, narrow pathway to the Fantasmic! ampitheater.

After the show, a mass exodus occurs, with thousands of people forcing themselves down the same narrow passageway, this time in an even less organized fashion. It's a nightmare.

In all likelihood, we will watch Fantasmic! again. We're going to be in Florida for a few months, and we'll probably find the time to walk into a second showing with no line. We'll also try to grab a seat that lets us make a quick getaway.

7. Order Too Much Food

This is definitely in the "almost never" category. We're small people, and we don't eat a ton at meals, so we try to always split food when we can.

7. food sanaa bread service.jpg

If you're snacking throughout the day, don't be fooled into getting the full-size meal you'd order at your neighborhood Applebees for dinner. At Sanaa, even with three people we struggled to get through bread service and two entrees.

One particular place we always split a meal is Pecos Bill. Now, there could be an entire post written about the "Use and Abuse of the Pecos Bill Fixins Bar." We think people have crossed a line when they bring their own base (e.g. tortillas and meat) and then load it up at the Fixins bar. But we think that ordering an entree and then loading it up and splitting it is just fine. (For this reason, we’re the kind of people who never get the Disney dining plan, either.)

8. Ride Test Track

This is another ride we just don't find to be worth it. We probably ride it once every three visits, always opting to grab a Fastpass+ at Epcot or to use single rider line.

Test Track is far surprassed by its Califonia cousin, Radiator Springs Racers, which is everything Test Track should have been.

8. ride test track.jpg

The old storyline had you going through the rigors of the testing of a prototype automobile. In the new storyline, you design your own car and see how it measures up. It’s a fun change, sure, but it doesn’t do much by way of narrative.

The old version of the ride was better. That they changed it, and that the technology finally found its place in the California attraction, demonstrate the problem with the ride—it lacks an identity beyond the short, 65 mph zip around the outside.

9. Pay for Water

You can get a free cup of ice water at any quick service establishment. Just ask.

10. Drink Around The World

"Drinking Around the World" is the activity of visiting each World Showcase pavilion and having a drink at them. Overall, it equates to 11 drinks in about 12 hours.

We've accomplished it once in tandem, splitting drinks. And Emily accomplished it on her own this past June. Generally, we don't advise it.

10. drink around the world.jpg

Simply put, we don't find it a good use of time at Epcot if you're at all limited. Epcot’s World Showcase offers a host of great snacks that are a better use of money than the relatively uninspired drink offerings. Future World also definitely deserves a good chunk of time.

11. Start Our Day With a FastPass+

There's always one. You head into the park, right at rope drop, and as you head right onto a ride with no wait, someone is next to you tapping and using their first Fastpass+ reservation of the day.

11. fastpass.jpg

Dude. What happened? Unless it was Flight of Passage and your only option, using an Animal Kingdom Fastpass+ first thing in the day is awful. Heck, even if it's Flight of Passage, you should never be using a morning Fastpass until the end of the hour. Get through those short morning lines!

12. Ride Mission: SPACE (Orange)

Our problem with Mission: SPACE (Orange) is really just a sign of our age. We just can't take the motion anymore. We'll be trying again in a few months, but we're just crossing our fingers that we're able to hold down our lunch.

For those who can’t hack it, the ride offers a Green version that is the same attraction without as significant motion. It’s a fine alternative, but not a standout experience.

Is there anything you always avoid at Walt Disney World?

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