Disneyland Paris App Review

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If you're planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, it's going to be absolutely essential that you download the Disneyland Paris App.

While it is an entirely informational app (you won't be able to book Disneyland Paris Fastpass reservations or dining reservations with it), the information it contains is incredibly valuable. This is especially true when you're going to be trying to fit as much magic in as possible, like following our one-day Disneyland Paris itinerary.

We relied on the app a ton for wait times and locations at our recent trip to Disneyland Paris, so we think it's an essential part of your trip. Here's what you need to know about the app.

Where to Download the Disneyland Paris App

You can download the FREE, OFFICIAL Disneyland Paris App for iOS from the App Store by clicking here.

The One Thing You Really Need To Know

We don't want to bury the lede here. The one thing you really need to know is that the Disneyland Paris app provides wait times for the rides at Disneyland Paris. These can be found in the "Attractions" section of the app. If you're wondering if you need the app, the answer is YES and the reason is for the wait time. Even if you don't want to read the rest of our coverage of the app, we've put this point up here because it's that important.

Disneyland Paris App - Organization

The Disneyland Paris App for iOS is broken into two sections, a "Welcome" page and a guide. We'll cover what information you can find in each.

Disney Paris App - "Welcome!" Page

Disney Paris App - "Welcome!" Page

Disney Paris App - Guide ("Attractions" Sub-Page)

Disney Paris App - Guide ("Attractions" Sub-Page)

Disneyland Paris App - "Welcome!" Page

The "Welcome!" page is raised or lowered over the guide by clicking the Mickey icon on the app. Most of what's on the "Welcome!" page is not particularly useful. "Book Tickets Online" opens the Disneyland Paris website in your browser. "Call to Buy Tickets" and "Reserve a Table" both just give you a phone number to call. "Spotlight" (as you'd guess) features the most important event or events going on a the park.

The two really important buttons on the "Welcome!" page are "Today's Showtimes" and "Park Hours." Incidentally, tapping either of these takes you to the "Park Hours & Info Page", which has tabs for "Today," where showtimes for parades, fireworks, and shows are listed, and "Park Hours," which lists the park hours. It's important to note that Disneyland Paris typically opens its doors to the public thirty minutes before the posted open time. 

Disneyland Paris App - Showtimes

Disneyland Paris App - Showtimes

Disneyland Paris App - Park Hours

Disneyland Paris App - Park Hours

While having the showtimes at your fingertips is great, it isn't perfect. For example, on a recent stay at Disneyland Paris, we wanted to watch "Goofy's Skeletoon Street Party." There are times for that parade in the official physical park program, but they are not listed in the app for some reason, even though the parade is listed in the guide within the app.

So, for all it's design, the "Welcome!" page is really just useful for quickly finding out the times for the major shows and parades. You can click through the items listed on the showtimes page to find them on the map, as well.

Disneyland Paris App - Guide

'Behind' the "Welcome!" page is the guide. When you tap the Mickey icon to lower the "Welcome!" page to the bottom of the screen, you'll essentially be put into an index of Disneyland Paris related things (including the parks, hotels, and Disney Village). The index is broken into 12 categories (listed below) which you scroll through at the top. There is also a semi-useful search button on the top left.

On the bottom right are two icons. The one on the left (looks like a filter) allows you to filter what the guide shows you. This is especially useful when in a park because you probably don't care about the items in the other park. There are a wide range of filters, even including "Service Animals Not Permitted."

The icon on the far bottom right (looks like a map or a list) is for switching between the two views of the index: map and list. When you tap an item through the index, that item's page lists essential information, like the hours it is open, appropriate ages, and wait times.

There is also usually a "Find on Map" button that will show you the location of the item on a map. It's worth noting that the app doesn't just cover the parks. The hotels and Disney Village are covered as well. Using the app actually would have saved us some confusion when we arrived at Disney's Sequoia Lodge and couldn't find the lobby!

Really, there are only a few essential things you need to know about the guide. You probably don't have to read past this list, but we will give a listing of the individual categories:

  1. The information for "Attractions' in list view and map view includes wait times. Pull up "Attractions" in map view to find short waits near you.

  2. You can swipe over to a map view of "Restrooms" when looking for the nearest restroom

  3. The list view of "Entertainment" includes a host of times for character meet & greets, in addition to the stage shows.

  4. The app is a cool way to learn about things you didn't know Disneyland Paris had (like a high ropes adventure course!). Once you download it, take some time to scroll through it.

  5. The app isn't perfect, but it is still really good.

And finally, there are a total of 12 categories:

  1. Attractions - A listing of rides, with wait times

  2. Entertainment - A listing of shows, with scheduled times

  3. Photopass - A listing of attractions or spots with Photopass photographers or cameras

  4. Dining - A listing of placed to get food in Disneyland Paris, including cost ratings and food types

  5. Shops - A listing of stores, including hours

  6. Restrooms - A listing of restrooms

  7. Guest Services - A listing of miscellaneous "services"

  8. Events - A listing of large-scale events, like New Year's Eve, the 25th Anniversary, and the Half Marathon

  9. Tours - Mostly a listing of tours you can book of the surrounding areas (outside Disneyland Paris), but including tours within Disneyland Park as well

  10. Hotels - A listing of Disneyland Paris hotels

  11. Spas - A listing of spas and fitness centers on-property

  12. Sports & Recreation - A listing of activities within and outside Disneyland Paris, including the golf course, Davy Crockett's Adventure high ropes course, and hotel pools

Disneyland Paris App - Conclusions

It's hard to complain about a free app that gives you so much essential information. The app is a great way to stay on top of wait times and show times, primarily. That said, it doesn't compare to the apps of, say, Walt Disney World and Shanghai Disney Resort, both of which allow for Fastpass booking through the app.