Hollywood Studios One-Day Itinerary

In this post, we provide a full one-day itinerary for Hollywood Studios. While this post is based on multiple visits (most recently summer 2019), the times provided come from a single visit just for consistency. Obviously these times are just an example, and your exact experience will differ.

On this day, we applied much of our Hollywood Studios FastPass+ strategy (and Walt Disney World FastPass+ Strategy). We also have a guide to the rides of Hollywood Studios. You can also read our most recent trip report to see detailed itineraries from that visit.

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Important Message For Visits August 29 Through November 2

This post is impacted by changes, some temporary and some permanent, at Walt Disney World beginning August 29. People visiting between August 29 and November 2 are highly encouraged to click here to read our dedicated post especially for those dates.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Disclaimer

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge—aka Star Wars Land—will be opening at Hollywood Studios on August 29, 2019 with one operational ride. A second ride will open December 5. Until this disclaimer is removed, this post does not include Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at all. We expect to update shortly after the August 29 opening, which we will be present for.


We give times for pretty much everything we do, from getting in line to modifying a FastPass+, to give you the most detailed view possible of how you could spend a day at Hollywood Studios. At the very bottom of the post, we give our final itinerary in abbreviated form.

The times in this post come from a beautiful Saturday, with clear skies and temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees. Crowd Levels were a 6/10 on the Touring Plans rating. If you’d like to see how we handled a morning with 10/10 crowds, we recommend our post on park hopping between Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.


Advance FastPass+ Reservations

For more on this topic, check out our Hollywood Studios FastPass+ strategy. And remember that most of the rides at Hollywood Studios are subject to height requirements, so you may need to use rider swap service, if applicable. If you’ll be impacted by height requirements, you might also want to read about visiting Hollywood Studios with a toddler or small child.

We made three FastPass+ reservations the night before, only one of which we wound up using. We grabbed Alien Swirling Saucers for 12:30PM, Star Tours for 2:45PM, and Tower of Terror for 7PM (we didn’t plan on keeping the latter two). We highly recommend snagging any one of the three Toy Story Land rides in advance.


Getting Alien Swirling Saucers for a Saturday on a Friday night wasn’t too tough. I grabbed something like a 2PM within a few minutes of searching and then modified it up to a 12:30PM pretty easily. Toy Story Mania was also readily available, but I wasn’t able to get a Slinky Dog Dash FastPass+ in the few minutes I tried.

Arrival & Rope Drop

A good goal for the morning is to get through at least two Toy Story Land rides (rope drop Slinky Dog Dash, standby Toy Story Mania) and catch the 11AM Beauty and the Beast show. We wound up modifying this a bit. For more on this topic, check out our Hollywood Studios rope drop strategy post.

We took an Uber from our apartment over to Hollywood Studios, arriving at the gates at about 8:15AM for the 9AM scheduled open. You can read more about Uber at Walt Disney World. Using the turnstiles all the way to the right, we were among the first in the park.

hollywood studios rope drop 1.jpg

Park hours at Hollywood Studios vary, and special events will impact whether you (or other guests) can get into the park early or stay late. On this day, turnstiles opened at about 8:20AM, and we were led down Hollywood Boulevard to continue waiting.

hollywood studios rope drop 2.jpg

At 8:45AM, we began moving toward Toy Story Land. We moved at a much slower pace than usual in order to capture video (it also allows us to capture a more realistic experience as we’re pretty fast walkers).

At 8:51AM, we arrived outside of Slinky Dog Dash. The line was a little ambiguous, and some people were heading up the left to try and hop in later, but we played it cool and stood to the right with most people. The ride was warming up but didn’t have passengers yet (photo below is from later).

slinky dog dash 3.jpg

We got on Slinky Dog Dash at 9:21AM. The posted wait around 9AM was 80 minutes, but we were pretty far ahead in the line.

hollywood studios one day itinerary woody.JPG

Update: We did a Hollywood Studios rope drop a few weeks later. This time, we had our parents with us, which slowed us down a bit. It was a busy Saturday, we arrived at 8:38AM and the turnstiles were already open. At 8:55AM the crowd moved toward Toy Story Land. We were in line at 8:58AM (the line was by Woody at the entrance) and were off at 10AM. The posted waits for Toy Story Mania! and Alien Swirling Saucers were 60 and 55 minutes at that time.

slinky dog dash 1.jpg

We didn’t spend our time in the queue trying to modify our FastPass+ for Alien Swirling Saucers, instead opting to keep our noses out of our phones and our eyes on the details of the queue, which is cute.

slinky dog dash 2.jpg

From Slinky Dog Dash we headed to Toy Story Mania. It had an hour posted wait. On any ordinary day there’s no way we would have stood in that, but for the purposes of this post we were fine with it.

toy story mania queue.jpg

While in the queue, we started trying to move up our Alien Swirling Saucers FastPass. We modified it to 11:20AM and then (at 10:30AM) to 10:45AM. During the course of this, we actually saw (at 9:57AM) a 10:05AM Toy Story Mania FastPass+. We probably would have been better off hopping out of line and using that, but we didn’t see the need to overcomplicate our itinerary.


Regardless, the Toy Story Mania wait time was spot on and we were off the ride at 10:29AM. We tapped onto Alien Swirling Saucers at 10:40AM, when the posted wait was 45 minutes, and got on the ride at 10:49AM and off at 10:51AM.


With quick walking, we could have made our goal of the 11AM Beauty and the Beast show having completed all three Toy Story Land rides! Instead, we decided to slow it down a bit.

alien saucers 1.jpg

Afternoon Rides and Shows

At this point, we took a break to do some “work” and test out some FastPass+ modifications. When all was said and done with our FastPass+ tinkering, we wound up with a 12PM Tower of Terror and a 1:55PM Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. These were both grabbed same-day, about two hours in advance.


At any park, the afternoon should be spent on: short lines, entertainment, and same-day FastPass+ reservations. At Hollywood Studios, you should be done with at least two Toy Story Land rides by now and hopefully sitting on a FastPass+ for the third. This means you’ll just need to focus on mixing up shows with Star Tours, Tower of Terror, and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

march of the first order.jpg

We brought lunch (but you could easily swing by any of Hollywood Studios’ quick service restaurants), so we ate that and caught the 12PM March of the First Order [discontinued July 6, 2019] before heading over to Tower of Terror, which at 12:13PM had a 75 minute wait. Our FastPass+ had us off the ride at 12:33PM.

tower of terror.jpg

We grabbed seats for the 1PM Beauty and the Beast show. This is one of the two shows (Indiana Jones is the other) with pretty limited showings, so we like to aim for a midday one first so we have backup options if we miss it.

beauty and the beast.jpg

At 1PM, our Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster FastPass+ converted to a multiple experiences FastPass+ when the ride went down. (FastPass+ Note: We’d later discover the multiple experiences FastPass+ did not count as our third of the morning. We needed to add and use a fourth before we were finally allowed to book another Tier 1 at Hollywood Studios).

After Beauty and the Beast, we hustled over to Frozen Sing-Along Celebration for the 1:30PM show.

frozen singalong.jpg

We were out of there at 2PM and at 2:09PM redeemed our multiple experiences FastPass+ for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, which had a posted wait of 60 minutes.

rockin roller coaster.jpg

At 2:18PM, while still waiting on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, we grabbed a 2:25PM FastPass+ reservation for Star Tours. At 2:32PM we were off Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. We tapped our Star Tours FastPass+ at 2:40 when the posted wait was 30 minutes, and we were off at 3PM.

In the meantime, we’d grabbed a 4:30PM FastPass+ for Toy Story Mania at 2:50PM. We modified it to 3:40PM at 3:11PM. Getting off Star Tours at 3PM left us just enough time to head over to the 3:15PM showing of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, which we exited at 3:50PM.

indiana jones.jpg

By 4PM we were pretty much done with the park. We’d conquered Toy Story Land by 11AM, and then gotten through Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Star Tours, and the three big shows.

disney world hollywood studios one day itinerary lightning mcqueen.jpeg

Not covered in this itinerary is the Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy show. Located near Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, this is a ten-minute indoor show where an animatronic Lightning McQueen shows off his racing simulator. It’s a great option for beating the afternoon heat.

Odds, Ends, and Nighttime at Hollywood Studios

By the time 4PM rolls around, you could have mostly finished the park. In our May 2019 trip report, you can see a day that had a five-hour rain delay and still covered most of the park.

If you saved one of the big shows for now, you’ll have plenty of time to fit it in. Our big goals were to at least wander around Toy Story Land at night and to take in some of the nighttime entertainment. Besides that, we just had a few easy boxes to check.

Wrapping Up Attractions and Daytime Entertainment

At 3:55PM, we popped in for the 4PM showing of Voyage of the Little Mermaid. This short show has a ton of showings throughout the day, so it’s really one you can squeeze in anywhere you find time.

little mermaid.jpg

At 4:15PM we were out of the show and headed to Toy Story Land to use our Toy Story Mania FastPass+. We tapped at 4:25PM, and were done at 4:45PM.

Having been trying to grab a nighttime Slinky Dog Dash FastPass+ all day, we were pleasantly surprised at 4:45PM when we grabbed a 6:35PM FastPass+ for Hollywood Studios’s most popular ride! We immediately knew we’d be aiming to use it at 7:35PM, as we wanted it to be as dark as possible for our nighttime Slinky Dog Dash ride.


The last attraction we had to fit in was one of our favorites: Muppet Vision 3D! We walked in at 4:55PM just after a show started (they’re continually every 10 minutes), so we wound up not exiting until 5:21PM, but we were totally fine with that.


With some time to spend, we visited BaseLine Tap House, which we love. The bar has a straightforward quick-service style ordering system and a great list of beers.

We reminisced over the good ol’ days when you had to know the one or two carts in the park that had beers, and all they had was Bud Light.BaseLine has a shelf paying homage to Writer’s Stop, a spot we absolutely loved before it closed back in October 2016.

baseline 2.jpg

Toy Story Land at Night and Hollywood Studios Nighttime Shows

We wandered the park until 7PM, when we retrieved our mobile order from Woody’s Lunch Box.


Toy Story Land is stunning at night, one of its few redeeming qualities in our mind (sorry!). We explored a bit, and at 7:22PM we tapped onto Slinky Dog Dash (posted wait 75 minutes), and we were off the ride at 7:32PM.

Slinky Dog Dash is an entirely different experience at night. If you are at Hollywood Studios, we would probably rank the must-do experiences at Hollywood Studios as: 1. Tower of Terror, 2. Slinky Dog Dash at night.


If you’re navigating a Fantasmic! showing, it might be tough to get Slinky Dog Dash in at night. You’ll probably want to aim to be on the ride no later than 45 minutes before showtime, accepting that you might not get the optimal level of darkness.

If you’re not heading to Fantasmic! you’re probably aiming for the pairing of Wonderful World of Animation and Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. These are projection shows onto the Chinese Theater, so you literally just need to be in the middle of the park at showtime to catch them.

Most people sit for at least Wonderful World of Animation. The new show is an improvement over Disney Movie Magic. While it relies heavily on projections, the animation projects much better than live action. The show is usually followed by Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, a projection-based Star Wars show.

If you’re looking for a cherry on top of your sundae, they’re both fine shows. Since they take place after park closing, you won’t be able to get in any new lines anyways.


Really, these shows are targeted at the crowd who cannot or didn’t want to deal with the hassle of Fantasmic! Reluctantly, as people who really don’t love Fantasmic!, we’d suggest aiming for Fantasmic! instead of these nighttime shows. One good way to fit Fantasmic! in is by using your Disney dining plan credits for a Fantasmic! dining package, which comes with preferred seating.

As for us, we left the park right around 8:45-8:50PM and walked over to AbracadaBar on the BoardWalk, arriving at 9:12PM.


Final Thoughts On Visiting Hollywood Studios

Keep in mind that until Star Wars Land opens, Hollywood Studios has only six true rides. Even with the shows, it is not hard to fit the park into an 11-hour day.

hollywood studios tower view.jpg

That said, we did skip a few noteworthy items. We did no character greetings, nor did we swing by the Star Wars Launch Bay. We also don’t have kids, so Jedi Training didn’t make our schedule. While we did stop by Walt Disney Presents… and quickly walk through the exhibit, the One Man’s Dream film wasn’t playing. We highly recommend you make time for Walt Disney Presents (and the accompanying film, when it’s playing).

But we also had plenty of downtime, namely the two hours between when we exited Muppet Vision 3D and got on Slinky Dog Dash for the second time. Also, we rode two Tier 1 rides twice: Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Mania.


If we’d hustled to Beauty and the Beast for the 11AM show and skipped those two double-rides, we probably would have had a full three hours of spare time at the park. That’s plenty of time to fit in anything we missed.

Our Final Hollywood Studios Itinerary

Again—these are just times from one of our visits, your experience may vary, particularly as park hours, attraction hours, and crowd levels vary. Here’s what the itinerary looked like:

  • Advance FastPass+ Reservation: Alien Swirling Saucers 12:30PM (modified to 10:45AM at 10:30AM)

  • 08:15AM Arrive

  • 08:20AM Turnstiles Open

  • 08:45AM Rope Drop escorted to Toy Story Land

  • 08:51AM In line for Slinky Dog Dash (middle of crowd)

  • 09:21AM on Slinky Dog Dash

  • 09:25AM in line for Toy Story Mania

  • 10:23AM on Toy Story Mania

  • 10:40AM tap onto Alien Swirling Saucers

  • 10:49AM on Alien Swirling Saucers

  • Break for Lunch

  • 11:15AM Grab 12PM Tower of Terror FastPass+

  • 12PM March of the First Order [discontinued July 6, 2019]

  • 12:12PM Grab 01:55PM Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster FastPass+

  • 12:13PM tap onto Tower of Terror

  • 12:40PM arrive for 1PM Beauty and the Beast show

  • 01:28PM arrive for 1:30PM Frozen Sing Along Show

  • 02:09PM tap onto Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

  • 02:18PM grab 2:25PM Star Tours FastPass+

  • 02:32PM off Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

  • 02:40PM tap onto Star Tours

  • 02:50PM grab Toy Story Mania FastPass+ for 4:30PM (later modified to 3:40PM)

  • 03:05PM arrive for 3:15PM Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

  • 03:55PM arrive for 4PM Voyage of The Little Mermaid show

  • 04:25PM tap onto Toy Story Mania

  • 04:45PM off Toy Story Mania

  • 04:45PM grab 6:35PM Slinky Dog Dash FastPass+

  • 04:55PM arrive for Muppet Vision 3D

  • 05:25PM drinks at BaseLine Tap, Explore Park

  • 07:00PM dinner at Woody’s Lunch Box

  • 07:22PM tap onto Slinky Dog Dash

  • 07:32PM off Slinky Dog Dash, explore Toy Story Land at night

  • 07:52PM arrive for 8:10PM and 8:30PM nighttime shows

  • 08:50PM exit park

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