Disney World Announces Summer One World Ticket

Beginning June 4, 2019 and valid for uses through August 28, 2019, Walt Disney World will be offering a Summer One World Ticket. This ticket allows one entrance to each of the four theme parks and two water parks at Walt Disney World. The ticket will cost $444+tax, or about $472.86. You can read the announcement here.

In this post, we’re going to quickly analyze what kind of trips this ticket makes sense for.

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Summer One World Ticket Basics

Again, this ticket is valid between June 4 and August 28 and allows exactly one entrance to each of: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon.

Disney told me via twitter that smokers will be allowed to re-enter, but they understandably didn’t broadcast how they’d track this:

You can use the ticket to visit multiple parks in a single day. But, as it only allows one entrance per park, you won’t be able to split parks over multiple visits or multiple days. The ticket will cost $444 + tax, or about $472.86.

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Summer One World Ticket Analysis

This analysis breaks down into two sections. First, we’ll look just at the ticket price and how it compares to other ticket options. Then we’ll add in the complication of the ticket’s limitations.

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Summer One World Ticket Analysis - Price

We’re going to use a visit beginning July 15 for analysis. The analysis for your visit date may vary. The analysis is based on the following prices:

Remember, when shopping for Disney World tickets, you should always compare prices across different discount Disney World ticket brokers.

Here are how some of the relevant comparisons would be priced:

  • 3-Day No Hopping + 1 Day Water Park - $425.44

  • Four Day No Park Hopping - $435.10

  • Three Day Park Hopper Plus - $445.30

  • Five Day No Park Hopping - $449.23

  • Summer One World Ticket - $472.86

  • 2-Day Park Hopping + 2 Day Water Park - $488.60

  • 3-Day No Hopping + 2 Day Water Park - $499.99

  • 3-Day Park Hopping + 1 Day Water Park - $507.86

  • 4-Day No Hopping + 1 Day Water Park - $508.59

  • Four Day Park Hopper - $512.57

  • Four Day Park Hopper Plus - $530.21

  • 3-Day Park Hopping + 2 Day Water Park - $582.41

  • 4-Day No Hopping + 2 Day Water Park - $583.14

We’ve highlighted the Summer One World Ticket and the most natural comparisons.

We can quickly draw a few conclusions for this visit date (again, conclusions may vary for your precise date). Right now, we’re just talking about pricing. We’ll discuss the ticket limitations and how they factor into your decision next. The pricing breakdown comes down to two questions.

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Question One — How Long Is Your Visit?

First, the ticket makes no sense for visits of three days or less. At $445.30, the three-day Park Hopper Plus is a much better option.

For visits of seven days or longer, the ticket obviously makes no sense because it only allows six total admissions. So we’re most concerned with visits of four, five, or six days.

Question Two — Will You Visit The Water Parks?

If you’re not visiting the water parks, the ticket will be good for only one entrance to each of the four parks. Remember, this isn’t a six-day ticket or a six-entry ticket—it’s good for exactly one entry to each of the six parks. We compare the two water parks in our Blizzard Beach vs. Typhoon Lagoon post.

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If you aren’t visiting the water parks, the Summer One World Ticket is not a good value. It’s more expensive than a Five-Day Ticket without park hopping. Yes, you technically can hop with the Summer One World Ticket, but if you are doing that without visiting the water parks at all, you’ll be better off with the appropriate three-day-or-less ticket.

If you’re visiting the water parks for one day, the ticket is a good value except in one circumstance. If you can skip one theme park, then you might save money by getting a three-day ticket without park hopping and a one-day water park ticket.

disney world summer one world ticket typhoon lagoon.jpeg

If you’re planning on spending two full days at the water parks, the ticket is a good value. Of course, remember that at $148.04, the water park annual pass gets you a year of visits to the water parks.

Summer One World Ticket Analysis - Restrictions

Okay, so the ticket is only a good option for visits of four to six days with at least one water park visit. Now let’s talk about the restrictions.

Hopping is impacted. Again, you can visit multiple parks in a single day with this ticket, but you can only visit each park once. This is a perk compared to the three-day ticket without park hopper, as you’d be able to visit each park once. However, it’s worse than standard park hopping, because if you go to a park in the afternoon, you won’t also be able to start a different morning there.

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One visit per park. This one is tougher. This ticket doesn’t allow multiple visits to a single park. Families with young children could definitely spend two full days at Magic Kingdom. Even adults moving at a leisurely pace could fill two days at Magic Kingdom.


I would definitely buy this ticket if I had six full days at Walt Disney World. I don’t mind missing some of Magic Kingdom, and I know if I arrive early enough at any park, I’ll have a good experience.

For stays of four or five days, the water parks won’t typically make the cut, so the ticket probably wouldn’t make sense in my book.

If I definitely wanted to spend at least one day at the water parks, though, the ticket makes sense. For a four-day trip, I think I’d even rather pay for the Summer One World Ticket than a 3-day no hopper + 1-day water park ticket. In this case, the Summer One World Ticket enables me to visit all four theme parks, which the three-day without park hopper would not allow.

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